You Had a Warning At the Commissioner's Meeting

You Had a Warning At the Commissioner's Meeting

I hate to say I told you so, but I did.  I was right not because I’m smarter than anyone else but because I look, listen, and care.  I’m referring to Columbus County Commissioner James Prevatte’s excuse and position on a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution requested by Representative Brenden Jones and supported by Sheriff Jody Greene at the previous commissioner’s meeting.  I’ve already posted my rebuttal to that, so no need in doing it here, but the issue is more than just the position of the commissioners on the board for a resolution for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.  Allow me to explain it as I feel it is very important to bring out along with other current events as evidence to what is occurring in this county, state, and country right now.

I mentioned a few articles back while encouraging citizens in Columbus County that did not agree with the new platform adopted and being acted upon to change affiliation.  I did so because a common excuse is ‘the people/officials in Columbus County won’t go along with the things going on in other parts of the country’.  Examples are abortions up to birth and after according to the New York law, I might add in a festive atmosphere there after passing.  Free speech being trampled at Berkley supposedly a haven for free speech.  Even as close as Bladen County refusing the pledge of allegiance at their Board of Elections meetings.  This was turned around, only because it’s an election year and Roy Cooper is going to need all the help he can get.  While we can’t have a ‘Sanctuary County’ for 2nd Amendment Rights guaranteed by our Constitution, many progressive cities have declared they will not obey Federal Laws to enforce against illegal immigrants in this country.  Our governor is marching lockstep with other states like our neighbor to the North, Virginia to guarantee illegals rights they don’t have and take away rights our own citizens have been guaranteed.  I could go on and on and many of you could add much more, but it clear to those that look, listen and care what I’m saying. 

Democrat officials will go the way of the National Party.  I have not heard one Democrat Party official in Columbus, Bladen, or Brunswick County in fact in our state disagree and/or stand up to any of the Progressive left’s new platform.  Just as some sheriff’s in this state have refused to work with ICE, our commissioners led by Mr. Prevatte to hold off on a 2nd Amendment resolution and actions across the country against conventional values, rights and freedoms guaranteed to us by GOD, not partisan hacks with an agenda when the time comes they will fold and conform.  In some cases, it’s just plain ignorance and in some hatred and the love of a little influence that comes with a title, not to mention money.  This isn’t fairy tales, it’s true and in the news every day.  Some will listen some won’t, they feel they are getting something they can’t get provided anywhere else or just can’t seem to muster up the brain power to understand they are cutting off their nose, and the nose of others to spite their face. 

If you don’t agree with the Democrats new face, you don’t have to stay with it.  We live in a world where the lesser of two evils prevail.  The Republican Party is not perfect, but we are making our changes and we listen to our people to strive to be better not perfect but better.  There are no saints on this Earth but there are those that use the words of the saints when it’s convenient for them to find fault with those that don’t goose step the agenda.  One more thing about the Democrat Party.  Have you noticed since they lost the presidential election that everything is rigged?  Over three years investigating President Trump and nothing.  He was impeached in the House for false charges that were not impeachable had they been true.  Now the Senate stole their impeachment from them.  Now they are saying if President Trump wins the election, you got it …. he cheated.  Something is wrong here, as it was in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.  This county is better than this. 

Change parties, the old Democrat Party is gone all is left is Marxist thugs that hate this country and you.  Let them wither on the vine and maintain the life, liberty and happiness you and your grandfather and grandmother enjoyed.  You owe it to your children.  Despite all our fallacies we are the greatest nation on the face of the Earth ordained by our creator.  To all county, state and federal employees, if you change parties you will still have a job and if you fear you won’t then you should seriously look at your employer/affiliation.  It is our plans not to vote for any Democrat even if unopposed, we will write in a name.  To not vote for the person that supports this party is not personal, it’s a protest for those that paid for our freedoms with blood.  The pendulum has swung too far to the left.  I encourage you to change parties it’s your choice, but you have a seat at our table. 

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party