Why Would A Media Source From NY Attend Sheriff Greene’s Meet-n-Greet?

Why would a group of media reporters from NY come to Columbus County to cover a sheriff’s race? What’s going on?

Last Friday nights meet-n-greet was a huge success for Sheriff Jody Greene. Roughly 200 people attended there was standing room only in the Law Enforcement Building at the Alfred Hayes Dr. in Chadbourn. Oddly enough, a group of reporters some of which were from New York wanted to stay and video the event. You would ask yourself, why would a group of reporters and a video group come to Columbus County to cover a sheriff’s race. You can rest assured it was not for fair and balanced reporting of a race in an obscure southern North Carolina County, there was an ulterior motive intended against the sheriff. Some of these people left when denied access with video but a few managed to stay in a dark corner video with a cell phone and get audio of the speakers, eventually they were detected and left. After the event they were parked off the road and video taping cars leaving the function. Very odd and could lead you to believe something sinister involved. Why outside influence on this sheriff’s race as well as Wake County? The Democrats need Democrat Sheriffs in these two counties. Columbus County is RED and getting redder; they want no obstacles in place to prevent any totalitarian actions from Washington or Raleigh. We said this was coming, outside interest and it’s here, it’s time to stick together and meet at the polls in November.