What’s Happening In Our Schools

What’s Happening In Our Schools

Virginia Greer Chairperson School Task Force

This section is devoted to providing information concerning Columbus County Schools and Whiteville City Schools.  Virginia Greer, a retired school teacher who taught in both systems, will be sharing information to keep all parents well-informed.  She will be keeping in touch with you through this page.  The major thing that all parents need to do is attend the board meetings for the school system in which your children are enrolled.

LET THEM DIE from the mouth of a PTA President in Fairfax Va.

“Let them die.” Those are the exact words of a PTA Vice President at a rally before a Fairfax, Virginia school board meeting. She was referring to anyone who disagrees with forcing Critical Race Theory into schools. Virginia, that includes you and me! Asra Nomani, Vice President at Parents Defending Education, caught the shocking event on video (you can watch it here) … including the APPLAUSE from some audience members as the speech finished! This hateful wish — death to people who disagree with you! — is just the latest in a series of toxic tactics that extreme activists have adopted to attack reform efforts from concerned citizens like you in Parents Defending Education’s network. 

First, activists and teachers’ unions told us they weren’t teaching Critical Race Theory in schools and that it was just a “boogeyman” invented by paranoid parents intent on waging a “culture war.”

 Then the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, passed a resolution to spend $50,000 to “research” (read: “investigate and smear”) groups like Parents Defending Education because we dare to criticize what’s happening in our schools. After we exposed it, they deleted it from their website. 

And now local officials and activists — like this Virginia PTA Vice President, who has since resigned — are viciously attacking concerned parents like you, who just want to restore a healthy, non-political education for our kids.

 If they think these “cancel culture” tactics will work, they’re wrong. If they think they own the public schools and nobody is allowed to question or criticize them, they’re wrong. If they think they can stop we, the parents, from protecting our kids, they’re especially wrong. We’re more committed than ever to taking back our schools. 

Critical Race Theory, which is derived from Marxism, condemns our country and our communities as hopelessly racist, and pits students against each other as either “oppressors” or “oppressed.”
It spreads unhappiness, radicalism, and failure — as you can see for yourself in the Fairfax County, Virginia video!
As Asra explained to The Daily Wire: “Ironically, [the speaker’s] hateful, intolerant words are a perfect illustration of the divisive ideology of Critical Race Theory in action. In the name of tolerance, it preaches intolerance and is a betrayal of all values of humanity and decency.”
This new and hateful approach to education is being forced on our kids by political activists on school boards, in teachers’ unions, and in far-left activist groups. They tolerate no dissent or disagreement. It’s their way or the highway – to the point of wishing their critics would “die.” These aren’t American values, and they’re definitely not the values our kids should be taught in the classroom. 
But when we work together through Parents Defending Education, we can make a difference — and we can beat this radical, toxic, anti-America agenda!
Our FOIA campaign has led to hundreds of news stories exposing schools – to the point that the Rhode Island State Superintendent Association is trying to restrict the state’s open records laws;
We’re involved in one lawsuit in New York City to fight the injection of race into the city’s specialized school system, and have been speaking to a number of families about additional suits in the next few months;
And since the end of March, our small team has been in the media 436 times – raising awareness about what’s actually taking place in America’s schools.

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Parents Defending Education
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