We Welcome All

We Welcome All

A letter to the Editor going in the News Reporter April 16th

This letter is in response to an article in the News Reporter March 2th Edition titled “Three Countywide Officials Switch to GOP.

To the Editor

We Welcome all

This letter to the editor is in response to an article on March 26th Edition of the News Reporter, “Three countywide elected officials switch to GOP.” First, I want to say welcome to our new members.  The Columbus County GOP welcomes and appreciates all the Democrats and unaffiliated that moved to our party.  I believe it is important I say this, because these people did what they felt was right, I cannot speak for them, but they had a reason.  I can, however, speak for me and the GOP in Columbus County.

In the past election we stood behind our candidates.  A lot of people worked hard for what they felt was right and it was a fruitful endeavor.  These people who are in the article are good people, they are professionals and I have never seen any political bias in any of them.  The purpose of this letter is not to sling political mud, its purpose is to show that the Columbus County GOP is growing, and we intend to keep growing.  We appreciate those of whom join us, and we intend to support those that join us.  Our doors are open to everyone, there is a place set at our table.  Let me say thank you to Jess Hill, Kandance Bullock, Judge Sasser, Ricky Bullard and all the others that changed to our party before and after the election.  I can assure to the county these people will continue to provide their services with the same professionalism and integrity they always have, not because I said so, but because that is who they are.  We are proud of all our registration changes in Columbus County, thank you all. 

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County GOP, by the grace of the good people of Columbus County