We need volunteers for various positions available now. Also, at times when we have an event it is good to have help ensuring it is successful. Currently we need poll judges badly and precinct chairmen. I will post the precincts and their locations. I will provide an description of duties of precinct chairman.

Precinct chairman has a vice chair and secretary. The secretary needs to keep minutes of the meeting they have. The position requires only two meetings per year but you can have as many as you want. You can also have the meetings by phone. The purpose of the precinct chairs is for organization of the county, also to aid the county chairs furnish the county board of elections poll judges. Poll judges are important to political parties as they ensure each precinct in the county follows elections laws…and there’ s no cheating.

We desperatetly need poll judges now and I have until the first of August to have the positions filled. Poll judges are paid by the Board of Elections and are paid while in training. I have to provide three candiates for each precint….so I need 78 nominees. Some of the positions are filled but many are needed. If you are interested put your name down and the precinct you are in. If you are already a poll judge you will remain there if you want to remain. Here is a link to explain exactly what the duties of a poll judge is http://www2.columbusco.org/Elections/Manual2019.pdf

I encourage you to volunteer and help us fill these positions and also ensure we have people to protect our interest at the polls by ensuring the law is followed.

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