Under Attack !

Under Attack !

Under Attack:  The USA

Yes, “we” are under attack.  The basic principles of our country are being challenged by a far-left outrage mob for the simple reason that outcomes of certain principles don’t work in their best interest, not the majority interest, not the country’s interest, their interest.  I will cover a few of these points at his time.

The Three Branches of Government.

The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches have existed, and worked well, for centuries.  Each branch has provisions for checks and balances that limited the power of the other Branches, preventing any one Branch from obtaining absolute power.

Recently, this distribution of power has some under fire from the left.  Invalid, or at the very least, improper impeachment proceedings in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives.  Threats against specific members of the Supreme court from the Democratic Senate Minority Leader.  Even before then more camouflaged warnings that if the Supreme Court doesn’t vote in a way the left approves of, they will vote to change the number of Supreme Court justices.

There has been a disturbing increase of emotion driven actions or flat out obstructionist actions from the left in recent years as opposed to putting for viable legislation then looking for a middle ground if and as needed.  The left is literally refusing to put gas in the car and then blaming the car for not running properly.  The process isn’t broken.  However, some of the people sitting in those Congressional chairs are broken, and need to be replaced for the car to function again.

One thing I do see in this area that is not functioning properly is an accurate census of registered US citizens only from some states, such as California.  There are several sources indicating the exodus of some of CA residents along with the influx of illegal residents.  However, CA still retains 53 Representatives in the House the most of any state in the country by far.  Recent events have shown us how the Dems operate with a majority of the House resources at their disposal.

The left would have you believe that “If the process does not benefit me, then the process is broken and should be changed.”

Electoral College (EC).

Here is one that has been beaten to death by the left.  “The EC is outdated and no longer functions in the best interest of the Nation.”  No, the EC is working as intended, the result just isn’t the one you want.  I can write an entire article on the EC alone (and I may) but the shortest answer I can give is to look at the US 2016 electoral map, color coded by county.  Blue for  Dems, Red for Reps.  See all of that Red?  A handful of densely populated areas should not decide the outcome of an entire nation.

There are currently initiatives under ways for some of these dissenting areas to award their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner… a way to subvert the current process without directly changing the process.  First of all, I’m not sure how this could be legally accomplished.  Second of all, I am sure the other states wont be accepting the outcome if it changes the result. Lastly, this is another example of leftist logic, majority votes matter over here where they benefit us, but not over there where they don’t (NC Voter ID for example).

The left would have you believe that “If the process does not benefit me, then the process is broken and should be changed.”

The Bill of Rights.

The first 10 amendments are called The Bill of Rights.  I will reference specifically the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th amendments as being under attack.

Amendment 1.  Freedom of Religion, Speech, and Press.  This one is easy, look at all of the assault cases involving victims wearing a MAGA hat or shirt, of Republicans having their room set on fire, of otherwise assaulted due to their affiliation with a part other than the “tolerant” left.

Amendment 2.  The Right to Bear Arms.  Another easy one.  Look at all of the Democratic candidates are have or are running on anti-2a platforms.  “We will take your guns”.

Amendment 4.  Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.  Flashback to the impeachment process and the activities leading up to it.  Improperly obtained FISA warrants, wiretapping, opening of investigations based on false information, and so on.  I’m also going to assert that Red Flag Laws can be listed under this amendment as well as the more popular one below.

Amendment 5.  Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Cases.  Look at the lack of rights and due process for SCOTUS Kavenaugh during the Ford allegations.  The lack of these rights when POTUS lawyers were denied cross referencing witnesses, or calling their own in the House impeachment hearings.  Red Flag Laws prosecution without due process.  Furthermore, based on the financial standing of the accused, the right to a speedy trial is in not guaranteed due to the accused having to obtain a lawyer and initiate the proceedings… as opposed to the court proceedings and lawyer (at least temporarily) provided by the state for financially burdened people.

The left would have you believe that “If the process does not benefit me, then the process is broken and should be changed.”

In closing.

There are many sources of information available regarding the overthrow of governments, some from Saul Alinsky’s Rulebook for Radicals, some from the Communist Manifesto, and so on. 

One course of action is to take over public education and raise an army of youth supportive of your cause.  To control the media and manipulate  programming and reporting to also advance your agenda.  To selectively limit freedom of speech.  To document and later remove firearms from the public as a whole, or at least those not supportive of your movement.  To break down the current laws and processes by exploiting loophole, obstruction, or otherwise attempting to manipulate the process in a way it is not intended to work.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Continue these and other measures to push the nation into a state of anarchy.  Once anarchy is achieved a nation will look to those people or powers that be who can put an end to the anarchy.  Ironically, these people will most likely be… yes, you guessed it… those who have been promoting the anarchy because those responsible can put a stop to it at that point.

A death of a nation can begin with “If the process does not benefit me, then the process is broken and should be changed.”

– Lan