To The Democrats In Columbus County

To The Democrats In Columbus County

Recently I had a conversation with someone in the community that was kind enough to come and see me. I will not call his name, he has a position in the community and respected. I respect him coming to talk to me, I enjoyed the conversation. The issue was the ‘Democrat Platform’ I put on our website. It appears there are some that do not agree with on it, and that’s understandable so his position put the burden on him to talk to me. I want to try and explain my position on the article as well as a statement made concerning I would encourage Republicans in Columbus County not to vote for any Democrat if there’s no Republican opposition against them. Bear with me because I want this understood for what it is, not someones incorrect biased comprehension.

There have always been differences in the Democrat and Republican Parties. It’s a matter of philosophy on government. Government bears heavily on our lives, our government is a representative republic, gives us privileges and freedoms most of the world can’t enjoy. We have our faults, have made mistakes but we have documents that no other country in the world has, called the constitution and Declaration of Independence which gives us certain unalienable rights guaranteed to us by God. Those very documents have corrected many flaws. Our founding fathers made that clear…not from government but from God. At one time both parties had much in common, mainly they disagreed on how to get there or how much money to spend. One party (the Democrats) favored a stronger Federal Government while the Republicans favors less government and more personal responsibility. We are not going to argue about that here, I heard when growing up….’my granddaddy says the Democrat is for the poor man’, back from the Roosevelt era. The Republicans are for he rich! For the past 12-15 years the little gap between the two has become the Grand Canyon. When some of the Democrat Congressmen and Women won’t stand at the national anthem, or put their hands on their hearts at the pledge. When a NY governor says that and I paraphrase ‘this country was never great.’ And in that same state they pass after birth abortions and the room cheers while babies will die is above and beyond a mother’s health issues. Failure to stop illegals from coming across our borders, and major cities refusing to enforce the laws of the land by allowing sanctuary to who knows what and there are murders and unrightful deaths all the time because of Democrat politicians. I could go on and on, you see the news you read the papers, not to mention the Virginia governor that said…’make the baby as comfortable as you can until the mother decides what to do.’ This is wrong by any standard, this is not the country I was raised in.

So, what’s the bottom line? You say I don’t like it either…and that’s good. Here’s the issue. The leadership in the party is the driving force on these issues, they set the standards. The truth is the Democrat Party has splintered itself up in so many pieces it looks like a pile of splinters. These party leaders are not going to change, they have their agenda and intend to carry it out. I don’t blame you….the regular Joe Democrat or Sally Democrat for that but I do blame you for not stepping up and saying this is wrong… I won’t be a part of it …it’s gone too far. I know you are good people but you are sheep. It’s ok to be sheep of God…a different thing when you are a sheep of evil. Call it what you will poultry is just another way to say chicken. We are a christian country and our laws are based on christianity. The Democrat party is waging a war on christianity. Remember the second paragraph when I mentioned that certain unalienable rights are guaranteed to us by God? Well, what’s going to happen to that document which has kept us in check when God is no longer allowed? In short…if you are in office as a Democrat and you don’t agree with the party…you can change and still do you job. Do the right thing…the old party is dead…it’s not coming back. If the founding document is outdated to the Democrat Party, then the Party is no longer part of this country. Oaths were taken to honor that document, not the Democrat Party, those oaths were not for show. Tell everyone you do not agree with this mess and change, let the ones that want it have it …be the right kind of sheep. I hope this is understood, some will and some won’t…some just don’t care…old habits are hard to break. Rebel, change parties, show them who’s in charge.

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party