The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back – Control Through Fear.

The heads of the many snakes embedded in our government and all over the world are giving us a look at how deep their nests go.  Two or three years ago I would have never imagined the swamp was this deep.  It is, and it’s up to us to act or be overwhelmed by it. 

We have been shown that fear, and unsubstantiated/incorrect/partial data to back up that fear, is all it takes for Government to suspend our rights outright, or classify what rights are “essential” and restrict or eliminate others based on that proprietary designation.  The misreporting and sensitization of the data have some folks scared to the point they are willingly giving up their rights.  This simply can not be allowed.  This can not be one of those things that.. well, when the virus is over we will look into it… it needs to stop now.

The Tool – Fear.

This virus can be deadly, especially to those with pre-existing conditions or older in age.  At the same time, the numbers we are seeing are inaccurate.  (There are enough articles out there reporting on this subject  that I won’t bother to list links, although you probably won’t find in on any fake news sites.) 

What contributes to this fear?

1.  Skewed data. Only the sickest are getting tested.  While there has been an increasing number of tests being made available to the medical community, there still isn’t enough to test all of the symptomatic individuals, only the sickest ones. 

I witnessed this first hand today.  I accompanied a symptomatic individual to the doctor, and then to the hospital.  They were tested for the flu but not Covid-19.  I inquired if this was due to the limited availability of tests and they confirmed the available tests were limited and being saved for the more severely compromised individuals.  *

Why does this matter?  It inflates the death toll. Only those sickest and in dire need of a test get one.  Being so sick to begin with increases the chance they will have a terminal experience in these circumstance.  As in the case today, the person I was with today was diagnosed as having an unspecified virus (flu test was negative) and therefore may have it (we’ll never know without antibody testing).  If so, they are a “survivor” whose data will never make it into the equation in this incomplete and perhaps erroneous data collection going on at present.  Speaking of…

2.  Erroneous data.  I’m not knocking the people on the front lines on this one (in fact, I give praises to them all), they are following the procedures outlined to them by the CDC and their own administrators.  We are nonetheless dealing with some incorrect data at hand as well.  The very codes defined by the CDC/WHO are ambiguous at points to the extent they can, and are being manipulated as cause of death.

You die and test positive for covid-19, then you died to covid-19.  Never-mind the chronic heart disease, previous strokes, pneumonia, or w/e else could have been the deciding cause, it all get’s listed the same way.  One explanation is they can’t do autopsies on all of those in question at the moment, due to both resources and contagion concerns.  I’ll buy the resources piece in some areas, not all.  Contagion wise, this should not be any different from anyone else with a contagion.

The end result is a convenient excuse not only to collect inaccurate data, but to weight that data so it reports the absolute worse case scenario possible.  I’m not a fan of either Fauci or Birx because of them ignoring the previously mentioned glaring data discrepancies in their decision making processes.

The remedy for this?

a.  We need large numbers of random sample testing, and large numbers of antibody testing, to add to current data to reduce the aforementioned skew and report more realistic ratios regarding infection and mortality rates.

b.  We need better codes of more clarification to the 2 present codes.  A Covid-19 death should be a death caused by Covid-19.  A death by heart attack where covid-19 was discovered post-mortem, or otherwise not the contributing factor, should not be listed as a Covid-19 death.  This clarification will lead to more accurate mortality numbers and per infection ratios.

The Distributors of Fear. 

1. The media.  In a society with unbiased media, these numbers would never cut it.  The media would rip this type of data to shreds.  If only we lived in such a society.  This virus is the only hope they have for Trump to lose in 2020, therefore the media are all on board with this type or reporting. 

2.  Foreign Interference.   One thing even non-conspiracy theorists should be noticing is the ties to foreign governments across the board that keep popping up here recently.  The companies s owned by China,  The reporters or news stations with ties to China.  The high level officials with interest in Chinese businesses.  The          high level universities (Harvard, Yale, etc) are under investigation for no reporting LARGE donations from Foreign counties like China and the Middle East.  Let’s not even get into the Biden’s on this subject.

We have outsourced for the past 2 decades and are now partly owned by the rest of the world.  Maybe one good thing to come out of this is many more have taken note and jump on board to help bring back US business and US intellectual resources back to the US… ironically something Trump has been trying to do since day one.

3.  Our Own Government.  Something most of us already now, even if we are afraid to admit it.  We have sellouts in positions of great power.  Congress, State and local Government, FDC, WHO, CDC, Activist Judges all the way to and including the SCOTUS… they’ve all been infiltrated. 

The evidence is plain to see to anyone that looks and is willing to see.  Congress obstruction the past 3 years, and still ongoing, even in a crisis.  cooper and activist judges handling of voter ID.  County Commissioners taking it upon themselves to decide who can fish where for people who might actually need the fish for food.  Raleigh police arresting a protester not endangering herself or others.  (In fact the arrest is what exposed them all in the highest danger of contagion spread.)

Individual people in our own Government have taken it upon themselves to suspend parts of the constitution as they see fit… Not by state legislature, not by federal legislature, not even by the members of the SCOTUS, not even by the President.  NONE of the intended checks and balances for these actions are in place for these suspensions of the Bill of  Rights and they MUST not be allowed, by whatever reasonable means necessary.  Even if it results in arrest. 

I hope the Lady rested in Raleigh sure them to high even and gets rich off of it.  People need to be held accountable.  I am 110% backing law enforcement day in and day out.  In this Raleigh case, or say the fishing ramps for example, I can not.  As far as I’m concerned (personal, non-party related opinion) if you are military, law enforcement, or whoever, your first duty is to the Constitution of the United States.  If those laws come in conflict with lesser law, then you have one or more decisions to make, just like the Nazi and Stalin police did in their times. 

Before you get angry at what seems to be an exaggerated comparison, my point is the oppression of the peoples rights in those times started small just like where we are at now, and escalated higher , disproportionately to certain individuals…  as we are starting to see already here.  At what point does the suppression of the Constitution become “wrong” to you?  Be thinking about it, you may be faced with a decision sooner than you think.

The Solution.

I have ideas on several things that can be done.  Some more opinion than fact, but something we as individuals and our representatives can be thinking about.

1.  Make America America again.  Bring back all of the manufacturing and basically all dependencies we can back to America.  End or Extremely limit our foreign dependence.  End foreign interference in out schools, government, and media processes.

2.  Testing, and more testing.  Get that data, not just one piece of the puzzle but as many pieces as possible.  People are making decisions based on models that are making decisions based on bad data.  Garbage goes in, garbage comes out.

3.  The codes.  we need some reasonable clarification as to what is an actual Covid-19 death, something much more defined than what is in place today.

4.  The reporting.  We always seem to come back to this topic.  The media.  The borderline CCP activist media in our United States.  There’s freedom of press and there’s accountability to the truth.  How nice it would be if they could coexist.  Oh wait, they can. 

5.  The “experts”.  Back to Fauci and Birx, we need some mathematicians, bio engineers, etc. in the equation.  We are just missing too many things with the current team and too much is riding on their answers.

6.  The Police State.  This could be an article in and of itself.  There has to be some some lines drawn in the sand as to what can and can not be done in these situations.  We don’t need mini-Stalins sprinkled all over the map with free reign as to what laws they can change at will.  Perhaps an emergency oversight committee at state and possibly local levels, equally bipartisan… perhaps people named by the state and local political parties, where a tie on a concern would result in the constitution being upheld at all cost.  Again, lots of room for discussion around the options here.

7. The USA.  Something has been on my mind for some time now on various things, such as the electoral college, voter ID, common core, state government overreach.  I can appreciate that one size does not fit all and the states should retain some sovereignty over their own domain, but how much is too much? 

I feel like we have crossed the threshold of too much.  We are starting to feel like the 50 states in America instead of the United States of America.  I do not see how this can be good for us  (the USA) in the long run.  Maybe some things are best addressed at a federal level, especially when they directly impact Federal level processes, rather than have 50 different groups of people running off in different directions. 

This has been a little longer than usual, and I still feel like we only skimmed over some if the items.  Hopefully something to think about was mentioned somewhere along the way.

– Lan

4/15/2020 *  Incidentally, the doctors office and hospital where we went, not necessarily local to this county, was a ghost town.  The covid-19 tent was empty, the nurse in the tent was dancing to a song on the radio.  Indie the hospital was quiet, skeleton staff, and so on.  I know this varies by location but making the observation as to what I saw with my own two


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