The Democrats Platform/A Comparison

The Democrats Platform/A Comparison

Some criticism has been expressed by Democrats in our community concerning the ‘Democrat Platform’ I posted a couple weeks ago. The complaint is that I am ‘mis-representing’ the platform that I used my words rather than their words, and I did, but my words were chosen by ‘action’s’ of what they do…what they say is irrelevant. We will be fair, and I will select an item they find mis-represented and untrue…take a look at it and compare it with ‘actions’ and current events. The platform is about 144 pages long, so I will hit the high points I used in my interpretation as these are their complaints. Actions define the person, not words.


I am posting here from the Democrat Party platform what is mentioned about Immigration which I referred to as ‘Open Borders.’ Here is their platform verbatim.

Democrats are fighting for every immigrant who feels threatened by Donald Trump’s election. We will not stand by and watch families be torn apart — Democrats in Congress and in states and cities across the country are already standing up to Trump’s hatred and bigotry to defend their immigrant neighbors.

Thanks to President Obama, hundreds of thousands of DREAMers have been able to receive a temporary status that allows them to study, work, pay taxes, and contribute to the communities they grew up in. His administration has made a tremendous difference by prioritizing immigration enforcement so that it is focused on those with criminal records and doesn’t arbitrarily separate families, and Democrats are fighting to protect that progress.

Democrats will continue to work toward comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our nation’s broken immigration system, improves border security, prioritizes enforcement so we are targeting criminals – not families, keeps families together, and strengthens our economy.

Democrats know the importance of our country’s history as a nation of immigrants. We honor our fundamental values by treating all people who come to the United States with dignity and respect, and we always seek to embrace — not to to attack — immigrants.

Ok, let’s take a look at this closely. Note the first paragraph…they are fighting for each immigrant (illegal immigrant) who feels threatened by Donald Trump. Maybe, it’s because they are here ‘illegally’ and note the bias concerning Trump…no solution mentioned there. And if they were not here illegally the families would not be broken up which is the law and was enforced in the Obama administration …but no one said anything… I wonder why….the news must not have had it on TV or printed it. Now, the last sentence “standing up to Trump’s hatred and bigotry to defend their immigrant neighbors.” That means sanctuary cities breaking the law. All these elected officials took an oath…they lied. And concerning DACA’s not law, it was an executive order by Obama.

The next paragraph is ludacrist, they have declined to work with Trump in any way, shape or form concerning securing the border. No one should be able to walk across the border …even if they are not a criminal so that implies open borders plus the fact they have no intention of any kind of deterrent at the border. The last paragraph is jibberish to fill up space general touchy feel good things that make them look like nice people. My assessment…they don’t want borders…and don’t intend to fix the border issue….they want Democrat votes, so by actions ‘open borders’.