Statute N.C.G.S. 163-226.3

Statute N.C.G.S. 163-226.3

Violation of this law is a Class 1 Felony and it reads as follows:

Owners, managers, directors, and employees of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or rest homes (“Facilities”) are legally prohibited from assisting their patients or residents with absentee voting Assistance includes making a request for an absentee ballot, serving as a witness for the voter, marking the voter’s absentee ballot or assisting the voter in marking an absentee ballot, or assisting the voter with filling out the envelope.

One-Stop Absentee (Early) Voting

One-stop absentee voting (in-person absentee voting, or early voting) allows registered voters to go in person to their county board of elections office (or an alternative location) to vote an absentee ballot. One-stop absentee voting is conducted starting on the third Thursday before the election and ends on the last Saturday before the election. During the one-stop early voting period, you may register to vote and vote on the same day.

As you know we have this on video occurring in Columbus County the last election.

Click here for more information on One-stop Absentee Voting.

This statute was clearly violated, the organization that that did this has done this for years, and it’s time for it to stop.

MAT (Multipartisan Assistance Teams) are the ‘legal’ way to do this and we had that team in Columbus County.

Click on the link to read about it.

It’s time we fix this in Columbus County, I’m on a mission to get it done.