State Funded Projects in Columbus County 2022

State Funded Projects in Columbus County 2022

These projects did not cost Columbus County anything, yet a few want to mislead the public with lies and misconceptions. It is time Columbus County gets it’s fair share and our Republican run commissioner board, a good county manage and Brendon Jones ensure we get our share.

There have been some remarks made concerning expenditures for projects by the county and approved by the Republican run board of commissioners. Here is a list of the projects and funds received this year (2022) from the state by Mr. Madden through our Representative Brenden Jones. Again, we see that some people don’t have their facts together, and you wonder how can you trust a group of people to run things when they can’t get their facts together. This information came from the County Administrative office, I didn’t make it up or dream it up. Facts…cold hard facts.

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office $10 million

EMS/911 Center $5 million ($2 million of those funds were used to buythe downtown campus.

The 911 center will be housedin the flat building facing Lee St.)

Columbus County Historic Courthouse $4 million

Columbus County Municipal Airport $7 million (new Terminal Building)

Columbus County Garage $250,000

Pedestrian Trail Funds $2.5 million