Somebody Has To Do IT

Somebody Has To Do IT

We’ve all heard “its a tough job, but somebody has to do it.” A very true statement and it can apply from everything to working in a sewer to being the CEO of a corporation or a mild mannered Chairman of a local political party. Why would anyone want the job? It does not pay anything, it takes time and some pocket money but lets look at the down side and the up side.

Anytime you work with a group of people you encounter all kinds of folks. You meet and work with good hardworking people that are eager to help and/or offer advice and support or those that are always against what you are trying to accomplish for various reasons…a nay sayer and complainer. Many times without knowing what they are talking about and not interested in enlightening their selves. Churches are also good for this type scenerios and I will give an example with a joke.

A church was voting one night about purchasing new lighting for the church. Brother John stood up when recognized by the preacher and said “Brother Johnson, I think we need to purchase a chandelier for the church” Immediately Brother Adam stood up and said “Brother Johnson, we don’t need a chandelier, for the following reasons….one we are needing lights and second we don’t have anyone that can play it.

So it goes, human nature, to speak up without knowing or caring to recognize the facts. Sometimes it get’s a little dirtier ….it seems there are some that want to cause trouble under the pretense of one thing but actually another. Many times that’s why it’s hard to get people to take positions that need to be taken. It happens in politics because of jealousy, ignorance, and in some instances just bad people that can not be satisfied at any price. Most folk are good folk….but it does not take but one to try and disrupt a group of people with the good intent of improving and making their community better. This is the downside of the job. Now, let’s look at the up side.

The purpose of political parties are to get candidates elected that represent the parties philosophy of what local, state, and federal governments will provide for the electorate…my definition but I think accurate. It takes work, co-operation, determination and working together as a group to ensure success. In our case we want safe communities, good schools, freedom of religion, and pro life values. We can name many more …but Republicans reading this page get’s the picture. Working together is vital…there are no lone wolfs in politics….they are but they are called ‘losers.’ This is the upside of the job. Not to mention a close community embracing family values.

What we are doing in this county is bigger that a handful of people. It’s bigger than me. When I took this job this party was in ruins and Martha was working tirelessly to pull it back together with not much help. I was asked to help and I did …because like Martha…this is my home I want it to be a good place to live. I want my family and friends to be happy …I want this community to be the good community I was talking about above…and people it’s going to happen only one way. Sometimes someone has to take charge. When I have to be a bulldog I can be a bulldog, and I will before I let you down or abandon this mission. We want everyone, we are inclusive and will listen to everyone and anyone. I’m in charge of the Republican Party in Columbus County along with the executive committee and our officers. It won’t be ripped apart…we intend to continue with those that want to help and those that want to go on a different route the road is open. No one can say since March of this year when we reorganized we have not done our job, that has any credibility, and it will continue. I want to thank you all for what you do….going to the meetings….getting involved and standing up to the corruption we have witnessed. Talking about it won’t get it…we need to work and pull together…I’m ready to work. Don’t listen to the prophets of doom ….they have never accomplished anything but hard feelings and division. You are winning, keep it up and join the fight!

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party


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