Resolution Against Cooper

Resolution Against Cooper

North Carolina Republican Party County Chairs

Resolution Against Governor Cooper’s Distain for North Carolina’s Safety and Moral Compass

The purpose of this resolution against the current governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, presented by the county Republican Chairmen of North Carolina is to provide a statewide and common distain for his lack of candor to and for the people of North Carolina’s safety and principled behavior.  Certain actions recently and in the past, by the governor, have in our opinion and the opinion of our peers been caused to make it public and address this with our elected legislators and the electorate in our respective counties.  The purpose is not personal nor political against the governor but an issue of morality, safety and law of which the governor has made excuses to reject and should be embracing.  We will explain our reasoning and provide our resolve.

The actions of Roy Cooper started while attorney general provide us with a line of repeated distain against the law, safety, and morality expected by the people of North Carolina.  While attorney general, Mr. Cooper refused to enforce the HB2 bill preventing bathrooms being shared by LGBT’s with children and women.  If someone ‘felt’ like they were of the female gender in all while biologically ‘male’ HB2 prevented that and would prevent towns and cities in the state from creating laws to override that.  AG Cooper’s excuse was economics and discrimination.  It seems the ones that would be threatened by this type of behavior had no civil rights and the claim of economics or loss of income to the state and jobs because of ‘a bad law’ was just an excuse and not true.  According to Andrew Heath, Don’t believe the hype: HB2 hasn’t hurt N.C. economy, published in the Charlotte Observer and accessed on September 4, 2019, provides evidence backed by numbers, not politics as he stated gives some acknowledgement as to how Roy Cooper uses slight of hand to embrace the ultra-liberal ideals demonstrated by his actions.  Andrew Heath was Pat McCory’s state budget director.  As stated in the article economic indicators were showing North Carolina with a strong economic performance before and after HB2 including North Carolina as one of the fastest growing economies in the nation.  Here are his points backed by fact and numbers, not by feelings and a biased agenda. 

  • Nearly 5000 new jobs announced since March.
  • Moody’s reported that North Carolina’s 2016 year to date revenue growth has out paced the 20 target largest states by more than 2 to 1.
  • The unemployment rate had returned to pre-recession levels at 4.9% and is down in all 100 counties since 2013.
  • S&P, Moody’s and Finch affirmed North Carolina’s AAA rating citing the states continued economic rating.
  • CNBC moved North Carolina from #9 to #5 in the ranking for best states for business.
  • North Carolina has ended the fiscal year with a $425 million revenue surplus.  (This based upon the time of this article, in 2016)

Evidently, Governor Cooper overlooked or avoided the facts to set an agenda if you consider these facts.  The article also mentioned that only a few entertainers, athletes, and businesses threatened to pull out, most stayed with no interest in a handful of boycott threats. 

Another veto by Governor Cooper has drawn question and assumptions to the true purpose is the bill requiring sheriffs to cooperate with ICE officials on the arrest of illegal immigrants and a case in particular was in Mecklenburg county.  According to Paul A Specht ‘Cooper vetoes bill requiring sheriffs to cooperate with ICE’ published on August 21, 2019 at 12:52 pm, updated on August 21, 2019 at 5:35 PM, the sheriff there ignored an ICE retainer on a child sex charges and was released.  Apparently, Governor Cooper feels that illegal immigrants have more rights that citizens and again we are looking at ignoring our children, a common denominator with the governor. 

It seems that Governor Cooper has an image to uphold with the extreme left of the Democrat Party as we look at another article here concerning the vetoing of the ‘abortion survivor’ bill.  According to Will Doran ‘Cooper Veto’s NC ‘abortion survivors’ bill published in ‘The News and Observer’ on April 18, 2019 and updated on April 20, 2019 10:34 PM, Governor Cooper said that it’s unnecessary and ill advised.  Terminology used before by Cooper on other issues.  Again, we have the same pattern against children.  We will move to one more incident to include in the issues that are at the least, troubling concerning the governor’s intent. 

Recently, the budget talks were hijacked by Cooper holding out for more money in Medicaid.  His excuse is to provide more resources for more people in the state.  The problem is that with the Governor’s close ties with ultraliberal groups will this money go to illegals that he has shown sympathy for, while avoiding the needs and the laws that protect North Carolina citizens.  If I may quote Brenden Jones, state legislator, written by Justin Smith, ‘Governor Cooper Please Don’t Abandon Us’ in ‘The News Reporter’ revised on 8/2/2019 at 2:15 PM

There was a time back in the 1990s when Cooper was a member of the state legislature and he was considered a reasonable and moderate Democrat.  Unfortunately, that person no longer exists.  In his place stands a man that has followed his party to the extreme left, more concerned with appeasing socialist sympathizers than passing a budget with bipartisan support. A reasonable negotiator would not hold the budget hostage because he refuses to debate Medicaid expansion separately.  The legislature has offered to come back for a special session to address the healthcare needs of all citizens of North Carolina, yet the governor refuses. “

This statement provides some confirmation to the whole purpose of this resolution, Governor Cooper has an agenda with a blatant disregard for North Carolina and it’s entirely political.  The governor is more interested in pleasing the ultraliberal’s in his party rather than the people of his state and that attitude formulates all decisions made by this governor.  It is for this reason this resolution has been adopted, now that is has been said, what do we do.

Elections are a cure all for political ills, but sometimes easier said than done.  Getting involved and educating the electorate is ultimate solution.  This is the purpose of this resolution, to for solidarity by educating as many of the 100 counties in this state.  We as the county chairs for each county want to speak from the same page and preach the same sermon to the people of this state as well as show our elected officials in the Senate and House we have your back and are all fighting for the same resolve to replace this governor with one that respects the sanctity of life, the importance of enforcing our laws, and general care and concern for the people of the great state of North Carolina. 

North Carolina Republican Party Chairs