Republican Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling !

Republican Women Stepping Up

I read
somewhere recently that Republican women are facing crucial adversity in
American politics and the lack of Republican women in office could endanger the
GOP.   I looked up some statistics of
women in office in the U.S. 

  • Women hold 127 of the 535 Congressional
    seats.  Of these, 106 are Democrats and
    21 Republicans.
  • In the last statewide executive offices races,
    i.e., governor, attorney governor, secretary of state, etc., there were 311
    available positions filled by 46 Democrat women to 38  Republican women.
  • In state legislature races, of the 1972 available
    senate seats, 1447 are now occupied by Democrat women and 662 held by
    Republican women.

It is
astounding that in 2018, women actually contributed $184 million to Democratic
female congressional candidates and just $24 million to their Republican
counterparts. The gender gap is real too.  In every presidential election since 1996, a
majority of women have preferred the Democratic candidate.  People, we can’t let this happen in

I love Rep Liz Cheney from Wyoming. I heard her say in an
interview once that we  have to work very
hard as Republicans to convince more women to run for office, but also to
convince more women to vote for us. 
Truer words have never been spoken.  
America needs more women like Liz Cheney,  Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, and KellyAnne
Conway who put their money where their mouth is.  

America better hope and pray that Minn.
Rep Illhan Omar and fellow Democrat Reps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  Rahida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley will face Republican challengers
that mean  business.  AOC already has a challenger,
Jamaican-American Scherie Murray.   The
first thing Murray said in her first interview was that AOC craves media
attention and chooses self promotion over service.   I like her already.

Rep Cheney was
speaking about the national level. We all need to know what is going on in our
own little town, neighborhood and county. 
We are at a crossroads where we must begin controlling our destiny.  As mothers, aunts, or grandmothers what
happens when a bully messes with one of our own?  We automatically know there is a power
imbalance.  We take action and you best
believe someone is in for a fight. 
Shouldn’t we also stand up to the bullies that threaten the sovereignty
of our country?  Someone mentioned that
the Obama’s “Trojan Horse” is in full swing now referring to the inaugural
Muslim Collective for Equitable Democracy and Presidential Forum in Washington
that is being held this month.  Just a
few of the break-out panels and workshops are “How Young Muslims are Changing
Democracy”, “Candidate Recruitment and Training”, and “Get Out the Census and
Get Out the Vote.”   We need to wake
up.  If you do not think it is in little
Columbus County, please get your head out of the field dirt.

As the Columbus County Republican Women’s
group officially gets kicked off, I promise to follow the goals of the N.C. Federation
of Republican Women to inform, educate, and train our members to be activists
and candidates.  That’s right!  I said candidates. 

Martha Stevens, Chairperson

Columbus County Republican Women