Re-elect Sheriff Jody Greene

Re-elect Sheriff Jody Greene

All elections are important, the current status and events of our country are a monumental testament to that. High gasoline prices driving inflation, an attempted force by the current administration to make you purchase electric cars that are no where near ready for large scale use in this country. Attacks on christianity and a movement to defund our police and law enforcement but have a strong ‘federal enforcement’ system that will be run by corrupt Democrat administrations and this is no fairy tale it has been going on for close to 15 years now starting with Barak Obama. Another play of the corrupt Democrat Party which has morphed into marxism is to own and brainwash your children through our public schools and institutions you worked and pay for with disregard to your rights to your own children. If you go to a school board meeting they want to label you a ‘domestic terrorist.’ Illegal immigrants walk across our borders with disease and drugs in many cases into open arms of the Democrat administration. We have a governor, Roy Cooper, that is marching in lock step with every one of these items as well as his disregard for fair elections by vetoing the voter ID law. The same Roy Cooper that thinks it’s ok for perverts to share the same restrooms with your daughters, granddaughters and wives.

The Democrat Party has a total disregard for the law, they are a lawless party and trample on the constitution every day. They are a criminal institution by actions not by my opinion. You can avoid the law and skew it but the Democrat Party now seems to be confused on reality. You can be a woman if you are a man, in fact they can’t define a woman. Thugs and criminals have more rights than you. Illegals walking across the border become loaded down with entitlements and rights you have been denied. You paid for all this with blood and money yet called a terrorist. They don’t have the right to do what they are doing, yet they do it. Thomas Jefferson said any law that was immoral should not be obeyed, and these things I’ve mentioned are not laws they just spit in your eye, and wipe their feet on the constitution.

Now, more than ever we can’t afford a Democrat Sheriff in Columbus County. The Democrat Party rules their elected officials with an iron fist. The sheriff is the last line of defense you have against this corrupt and vile administration in Washington which sends Roy Cooper his marching orders, his loyalty is to himself and the Democrat Party. They want a puppet sheriff in Columbus County. When news people come from New York and other areas to a campaign kick off to Columbus County to video tape and get audio there is some interest for a reason and it’s not just ‘informing the people.’ You have a sheriff that tears down crack houses, and a Democrat candidate running for his office whose his party wants to handout crack pipes and defund police departments and law enforcement. To add injury to insult they want to take your 1st Amendment away from you an the 2nd to shut you up and leave you defenseless against party operatives and thugs. There is an exception they want a strong Federal police directly under the control of the Democrat party, make now mistake about what I just said. The Democrat party is dead, you have marxist that hijacked the party and it will never return. People this is what you got, you don’t elect a person anymore in the Democrat Party, you get the whole parties platform or a puppet that dances to the tune of Roy Cooper and he dances to Washington, you have two more years of Roy Cooper. The words I’m saying may be strong but they represent the truth and facts anyone not recognizing it is either mentally challenged, not paying attention to current issues or agree with the vial actions of a hijacked party undermining the foundations of the greatest nation ever on the face of this planet.

Re-elect Jody Greene. Get people you know not registered registered. You can take them to our headquarters at 817B S. Madison St. in Whiteville to change parties or get registered. Take someone to the polls that don’t have a way. Encourage your family and friends to vote. I need poll workers of which get paid and I need ‘poll observers’ that don’t get paid, four hour shifts through the election. Below is a link to sign up and if you have any questions contact us.


Sammy Hinson, Chairman Columbus County Republican Party

A good job done the past three and a half years cleaning up Columbus County. Get the word out, get to the polls we have work to do of which we all will benefit from. Support the RED and GREENE… Columbus Counties Fighting Machine!