Our Candidates for November

Our Candidates for November

The following candidates are running for office in Columbus County in November. Prior to the election the Republican Party will pass out a full sheet of all that will be on the ballot.


Re-elect Sheriff Jody Greene, for a job well done!

4 more years!

County Commissioners

Vote Scott Floyd for District 7 County Commissioner! Scott wants growth in Columbus County and fiscal responsibility with your money!

Randy Williams District 1 County Commissioner. A write in candidate, we will provide the information and instructions for Randy. Randy is for growth in the county and fiscal responsibility.

Conservative Candidates for School Board

These conservative candidates will not allow CRT in our schools as well as pornographic materials. This has occurred in other counties in North Carolina and has tried to occur here.

Zone 1 School District . Ronnie Strickland is currently the chairman of Columbus County School Board. Re-elect Ronnie Strickland he stands up for you and your children.

Education Not Indoctination! Ronnie Strickland

Zone 2 School district. Chris Worley has children in the Columbus County Schools and understands the importance of a good education. Chris will work for you and your children to ensure that happens.

Education Not Indoctrination! Chris Worley

Education Not Indoctrination! Ervin Enzor II

Zone 3 School district. Ervin Enzor II knows the importance of a good education and believes the public schools should provide the three R’s not special interest groups radical agenda’s. Vote for Ervin in November!

Education Not Indoctrination!

District Court Judges

Conservative Judicial Candidates for District Court

Vote for Bryan Wilson District Court Judge!

Will Callihan District Court candidate and currently district 6 District Court judge. Let’s re-elect Judge Callahan back to the bench!