No Platform Only Character Assassination

No Platform Only Character Assassination

You would think that someone running for political office would want to convince the electorate why he or she is the best pick for the job. After all, running for office is applying to be a public servant, then that person should as in applying for any other job convince the employer (the electorate) they can do the job. Unfortunately, this is not the plan of some to get elected. You could ask or wonder why not. It seems that there are those that find ‘character assassination’ of their opponents as the tactic to put in use, but then again why? The only thing character assassination provides to the electorate is the candidate is good as gossip, lying or maybe just maybe that candidate is not qualified for the job and has nothing to offer. In that case this potential ‘public servant’ is in the race for the monetary benefits without any interest in the ‘public servant’ part of the job. This is all over our state and country now, the Democrat Party has put us in the worst economy in 40 years, high gasoline prices , interest rates jumping up, crime is rampant thanks the ‘defunding the police’ complimented with ultra liberal prosecutors and corrupt attorney generals on the payroll of George Soros organizations. They are doing their best to destroy the schools with CRT and brainwash our children with gender and lifestyle ideas that have no business in the public schools. This is a broad description of just some of the issues the Democrat Party has created. Don’t expect the ones that created the problem to fix it. Currently, the party’s major goal is complete control and a one party system. That system has names like communism and marxism. Maybe, this is why they don’t have a plan or platform to run on. Maybe their platform is to dim someone else’s candle to make theirs look brighter. I will bring this discussion a little closer to home here in Columbus County.

We have a sheriff’s race here in Columbus County with a Republican incumbent sheriff whom has done a good job of updating our sheriff’s department, reducing crime in the county and working hard to do so. Jody Greene is not a politician, he’s a lawman. He ran for sheriff to enforce the law not run a gossip column on Facebook or a mud slinging contest and when someone does their job they don’t have time for this nonsense. I have heard nothing from the other side of what they can do to improve the sheriff’s department. I have heard from reliable sources that were present special interest groups have told the Democrat candidate no need in campaigning they will go in like ‘Biden did’ whatever that means. I have heard and seen remarks made on Facebook of accusations and outright lies against the sheriff. People say things but never have any proof; It seems to me if they had proof they would throw it out, I certainly would. If I knew of any activity on the other side that would be worthy of putting out to save the county from corruption or bad leadership I would not hesitate. Some have put up false Facebook accounts making accusations and claims that have no proof, that in itself should tell anyone something is wrong here. Even a left wing pod cast, The Laura Flanders Show, was brought into Columbus County for a hack job of whom did a very misleading story bashing the sheriff and the people of Columbus County. I understand sometimes you have no control over what some of your supporters do or say, but when you know and turn a blind eye to it or just ‘ignore’ it that is a bad indication of character. Character is always important for ‘public servants’ especially for one that could be called ‘sheriff.’ We know this is going on, I myself have been threatened with a lie on Facebook and more I won’t mention here because it’s not my place to talk for someone else but I am aware of some things that have happened. It’s not only on Facebook but also commissioner’s meetings things said by those that have a personal hatred for the sheriff. I have heard things from people that I know for a fact are pure lies and they looked me in the face and held a straight face. Bearing false witness against someone does not look good on one that proclaims his/her christianity. I use the sheriff’s race but this is true for all the ‘public servant’ positions open now in the county. The Democrat Party will not speak of their platform or how they can make things better, they just bad mouth those that would prevent them from continuing their agenda that’s ripping this country apart.

I would ask those that hear these lies and gossip if this is what they want in a candidate? Do you want action on progress for the county? Good law enforcement, good schools and a judicial that is fair with decisions by the law not politics. This is what should concern you. I would ask anyone how you can make a decision on gossip and lies. If someone has the facts they should show them, if they don’t or can’t it’s gossip. When you have nothing else all that’s left to do is dim someone else’s candle to make your’s brighter. Columbus County has come a long way in the past few years by making the right choices at the polls. Money is being poured in this county from outside and it’s not going to the Republican Party but to the Democrats from special interest groups with an agenda. They want the best candidates money can buy and those candidates will be owned by them, they won’t be public servants but puppets for those with extreme and hateful agendas against you and your children. I have spoken out on the Democrat Party and I can backup everything I say and I say it without a ‘fake account’ on Facebook. Sheriff Greene’s resume is in plain sight of the county being his record for the past almost four years. His accomplishments are in plain sight not character assassinations on Facebook under a ‘bogus’ name. Would you not say that in the sheriff’s department you need transparency? Can you trust a sheriff that turns a blind eye and plays like it’s not there? The opposing team is using this tactic and not a very good resume to run on. Look at the facts, not the gossip or lies. Believe half of what you see and none of what your hear. Sheriff Greene is too busy doing his job performing the ‘public service’ he was elected for to engage in and to be associated with the type garbage being pushed by the other side. Anyone can say words but it’s the actions that define the person. Re-elect Jody Greene for Sheriff.


Sammy Hinson, chairman

Columbus County Republican Party