The Democrat Women of Today

The Democrat Women of Today

In previous articles, I focused on the positive accomplishments of Republican women.  My knowledge of Republican women in office today is that these powerful women represent the all American qualities that we hold dear.  Truth, honor, family, God, honesty, a sense of community, service to citizens, and the sanctity of life.  I cannot say this about some Democrat women in power and those who are currently having their 15 minutes of fame.  

Take AOC, Rep. Alexandria Casio-Cortez, for instance.  Not only did she make up lies that women were drinking out of toilets in a Texas border patrol station, she blasted the president for giving money to “abusive agencies,” like the Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.  I might add that AOC lacks a lot to be desired when it comes to knowing American history.  Just listen to her interviews.

 Nancy Pelosi.  Poor pitiful Nancy. She said the Republicans want to make America “white again”.  Wait..what?  We know she can stammer and stumble during press conferences.  I do not think she should be the Democrat’s point person but then she does give critics and comedians some good material.

 Then there’s Donna Brazile, a Democrat political strategist and analyst, who admitted giving the Clinton campaign the debate questions before the 2016 presidential debate. Brazile denied the reports at first, but later claimed that she gave assistance to both Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Ms Brazile is often seen on Fox News ranting her left wing antics while innocently smiling at the cameras.

Ilhan Omar, Democrat from Minn. has now admitted that she may have embellished a story she told to high school students about a black shoplifter who was arrested because of racial and economic profiling.  Marlarky.  Let’s not forget what she said about 911 that ‘some people did something.”

Elizabeth Warren lied on her 1986 Texas bar registration card that she was Native American.  I guess being 1/1024th  native American allows her bragging rights.  She wants to rebuild the middle class at the same time giving fee health care to illegal immigrants.  That should be interesting. 

Smug Sen. Kamala Harris began limping her way onto the presidential campaign trail during the Kavanaugh hearings by accusing the judge that ‘she was thinking that he was thinking of someone he didn’t want to tell them.’  Suddenly as if it had been orchestrated, several women in the audience began screaming at Kavanuagh creating quite the outburst.  But I won’t accuse Harris of creating drama and theatrics.

Don’t get me started on Megan Rapinoe.  She told us to ‘love more, hate less’ at the same time she was bashing Trump.  It was sickening to watch her kneel in protest wearing a uniform with the American flag on it.  It was sickening to listen to her and her team mates drop F-bombs in interviews. Such a class act.

Anyone see a pattern here?  These ladies (and I use the term loosely) seem to have a habit of stretching the truth to suit their narrative.  These women feel that they must cheat, lie, and create drama in order to promote their paltry agenda. During the first presidential debate, each woman on the stage raised their hand when asked who would give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.  Think about it.  Do you have free healthcare?  Nope, didn’t think you did.

Martha Stevens, Chairperson

Columbus County Republican Women


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