My Response to Mr. Simms

My Response to Mr. Simms

Dear Mr. Simms,

Thank you for your response to my article, we believe in free speech and other’s opinions.  As I read your response, I can see you are a card-carrying Democrat and as the old saying goes ‘loving eyes sometimes cannot see.’ First, I would like to say that Google is a search engine and many things are available on google from different people and entities so because it comes from google does not mean it is true or accurate. 

You mentioned in your response that I was not accurate in my accounting of Democrats cheering when the abortion law was passed in New York which does offer the mother the choice of infanticide after birth.  I have a link here for a video for you to see the jubilation in the NY legislature when it passed.  I would ask you, is abortion not a terrible thing?  Even in the case of rape or a deformed child?  I’m not saying there should never be any abortions but for such a terrible thing should there be jubilation and I might add Mr. Simms those people were Democrats.  How many abortions would a woman have that are so justified that they would make it part of their breath each day?  Contraceptives are given away but that’s a lot of trouble for some women I guess; it’s easier to have the child’s skull clipped or crushed.  It’s a pity the contingency of Democrats or people in your party don’t have the same enthusiasm for human life as they do for seals, spotted owls, and dogs.  While none of these things are unimportant it’s just that the priorities are wrong.  I am leaving links to articles and videos here for you to watch and read, should you so desire to substantiate my remarks.

Now, allow me to explain myself on perverts and little girls’ restrooms you took offense to in my article.  Here’s the issue, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a transgender male, dressed as a woman.  My grandson works at Food Lion in Hampstead.  Last week one of these people that felt like they were a woman that day followed a little girl in the restroom and started peeping up from under the stall.  Do you have any granddaughters Mr. Simms?  Do you think it’s necessary to allow boys/men in the lady’s restrooms or for that matter the other way around?  Why do that?  For thousands of years no problem then all of a sudden when Barrack Obama is president something happens, truly a mystery wouldn’t you say?  Also, this type of behavior opens the door for perverts and scum of the Earth.  This is not necessary, and I don’t think you can satisfactorily defend this to me and millions of other Americans.  So, you stand wrong in your assessment of my remarks as you looked at it through your Democrat glasses rather than the good sense our creator afforded to us to accept or reject his absolutes. 

The history lesson you provided is mixed with some truth and some distortions.  Really, I’m more interested in now, than when the Federal Reserve tightened up the purse strings and caused a depression under Herbert Hoover’s watch.  Who’s ranked highest and lowest is a matter of who’s poll you read and how it’s leaning.  I do, however want to call you out on the president that did the highest budget deficit which was Barrack Hussein Obama.  His ‘Economic Stimulus Package’ of money he gave away and ‘The Affordable Care Act’ were the major contributors to that.  “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance” he great lie and “the cost of health care will go down about $2500.00 per year” another lie and they admitted to it.  Solyndra, if you recall got the government for about $534 million dollars, if I’m not badly mistaken, one of his cabinet member’s husband was with that company.  I have a link to an article on this information also at the end of this letter.  You probably don’t remember that, see no need in going back 100 years to find corruption now.  When Obama was president so many people had drawn all the benefits they could and fell off the scope of unemployment.  Many people don’t realize that, there were millions of people out of work but no benefits and many worked two part time jobs.  Remember, Obama told everyone to get use to it, the jobs were gone and not coming back, surely you remember that.  He asked what kind of a magic wand would Trump use to get those jobs?  Ford is staying here in the US, our steel industry is coming back, and many other industries are coming back or expanding, but don’t remember that.  Maybe CNN has not reported it, they have been too busy trying to crucify a duly elected president and his family.  But then you Democrats love that kind of blood sport as you talk about how good of people you are.  One more thing about history, Lyndon Johnson would not have gotten the ‘Voters Rights Act’ passed or ‘Civil Rights’ without the help of the Republicans.  Remember the Democrats were the party of Jim Crowe. 

Let’s talk about donors shall we.  You mentioned the NRA, of which protects our second amendment rights.  I know you probably don’t like the constitution that much…only certain things when convenient but us Republicans kinda like it.  It’s that document that has ensured the people of this country are treated fairly regardless of race, creed or religion.  George Soros, a huge contributor to Democrat controlled organizations like the ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ or ‘Media Matters’ that don’t like the first amendment, unless only they and their followers can use it.  We could go on and on and on….you said you didn’t read much, and I can tell.  It seems you watch too much CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the alphabet news networks. 

Next we will consider the use of the word ‘liar.’ You don’t think Barack Obama has insulted a lot of people?  He insulted me when he was off shore and said the US was no longer a Christian country.  He insulted me when he bowed to an Arab, that mistreats all these people you have been defending…that does not insult you?  Trump never made fun of the man with cerebral palsy that was proven and you had no trouble with Bill Clinton when he had sex with a young girl while married while in the oval office, but that’s ok…It’s Democrat, right?  There is nothing wrong with loving women, most men do, but not young and gullible and when you are married.  And let’s not forget in the people’s house.  Really Mr. Simms I appreciate your letter but you have not done your homework.  A president does not have to disclose his tax records, especially to a group of Bolsheviks in Congress that are all liars and cheats that said the day you were elected they wanted to impeach you.  Do you understand what you have said in this letter?  Now the two year witch hunt, 17 partisan prosecutors that used a ‘fake dossier’ to get Fisa Warrants.  By the way, the dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC purchased from Russians from a foreign agent.  You didn’t know any of this?  You can’t obstruct justice if you were not involved in a crime, Mr. Simms you are ignorant and partisan and really, I’m embarrassed for you.  Michael Cohen a known liar that was pursued by the full strength of the Washington elite, if it were you under those circumstances you would say a lot too to prevent going to jail or losing your home, like General Flynn.  You talk about Hitler, let’s talk about Hitler.  I read a little history too, real history.  Hitler’s thugs and Stalin’s thugs accused their enemies of crimes, took them before kangaroo courts and had them executed, work camps or lose everything they had, just like your Democrat Party is doing now. I guess using the intelligence agency to go after a political opponent came straight from Stalin’s and Hitler’s playbook.  You sir, should be careful of what you wish.  Trump has created jobs, allowed prayer back in schools while your party don’t use the word GOD in anything anymore….they can’t even fly flags at debates.  Trump a racist?  Barack Obama caused more race troubles in this country and Eric Holder that any other president in our history.  Remember the lies from the News Media that you praise, fanning the flames in Ferguson Missouri for Obama and Holder (the Attorney General).  What you say makes absolutely no sense and the very establishment you say Trump  maligned has maligned you.   I wish you the best sir, but you picked the wrong mark.  I have not and never will drink the Kool-Aide and millions more like me won’t.  I did go to college, and I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but the first thing they taught us was critical thinking.  You would do good to try a little of that instead of letting Don Lemon and Rachael Madcow think for you…and maybe some of your friends.

Best Wishes

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party

Below are the links if you care to look at them and read them.


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