Media/Creeping Socialism

This week I am going to focus on the Media and
the electronic age.

There was once a time when journalism embodied
the search for the truth, the reporting of those facts on an unbiased platform
leaving the audience to come to their own conclusions on the subject
matter.  The morning/nightly news, the
newspaper(s), telephone, mail, and maybe some water-cooler or local store
conversations were the means of relaying this information.

Fast forward to 2019. 

News stations no longer report the whole truth,
but only those pieces that fit their narrative. 
Even worse, opinions are considered “news” until proven
wrong.  If they are proven wrong, oh
well, not the reporter’s responsibility to fact check.  (What/who in the blazes made that an
acceptable practice?)  To make matters
worse, Fox was bought out by liberal Disney. 
While on paper Fox-News was seperate from that deal, use your brain and
look at the recent months of personnel changes and programming lineup.  At present there are no “large” new
corporations providing checks and balances to the leftist agenda, the closest
I’m aware of being OAN.

If that wasn’t bad enough, computers and handheld
devices transmit the “news” in real-time.   I say news lightly because it takes all of
the issues with the basic news reporting methods and compounds them.  You missed the news?  Here’s what was important.  (Insert another layer of opinion here.)  Then… then, this gets circulated around the
globe at the speed of internet, as FACT.

Still not concerned?  Enter Big Tech.  We’ll store your metadata and tell you it’s
for general research purposes.  Since all
the big tech platforms are liberal, we’ll censor out the things we find offensive
to us, as liberals.  Conservative
accounts are getting shadow-banned, temporarily suspended, or outright shut
down at an alarmingly high ratio compared to their liberal counterparts under
the guise that they are private companies and can do what they want.  Yes, up to the point of destroying the 1st
Amendment on US soil.

The media and Big Tech are nothing more than a
weaponized branch of the liberal-socialist initiative to rewrite or abolish the
Constitution and in turn destroy the USA. 
From the remaining ashes a new state will be formed.

Ignorance is being embraced.  Facts are offensive.  It is acceptable to jump the gun based on
opinions and feelings with impunity. 
Liberal socialist (Marxist?) professors with tenure can teach you
“their” version of history; their activist ideals, then turn you
loose on the world thinking you are smarter than all these other
“idiots” with differing opinions. 

There’s a reason more of the younger generation
tend to be liberal and turn conservative as they get older.  It’s called real life experience.  They figure out just how much education they
really had when they graduated, how often they were misled by those they
trusted, and then acquire real-world knowledge and understanding… at for
least those still willing to learn.

Two of the early steps in the rise of Hitler’s
Germany and Stalin’s Russia was to control the media and control the
youth.  How’s 2019 USA looking in
comparison to those countries back then? 
It’s sad that people who are carrying out these old and failed policies
are ignorant enough to call themselves “progressive”.  As it has been said, “Those who not know
history are doomed to repeat it”.

– Lan