List Norton Frivilous Law Suits

List Norton Frivilous Law Suits

Here is the list emailed to me by the country attorney. The report on WECT said and I paraphase ‘possbily over $40,000.00 in expenditures. It also so said eight Columbus County residents. At $5000.00 each, that would be correct ….but I count more than eight columbus county entities and my question is what difference does that make? We need to get an answer on this, the answer may be simple but we need to know. See what you think.

Norton Lawsuits Since 2009

Deductible for each should be $5,000.00 for all

Columbus County

l  lCVS1227

Norton v. NCHP, Floyd, County, William Clark, Sheriff Batten, and Anthony George


Norton v. County, Sheriff, Whiteville, News, Melissa Bellamy, et al.


Norton v. County, Sheriff, Ussery


Norton v. County and Sheriff



Norton v. Tabron, et al.

  1. CV-00171-BR

Norton v. DSS

  1. CV-00045-FL

Norton v. High, Hatcher, Western Surety, Ward, Trevino


Norton v. Commissioners, et al. OTHER LAWSUITS SINCE 2009


Honey Hill Development Corporation v. Columbus County, et al.


Litigation over water lines in Chadbourn with Columbus County as one of the Defendants

Columbus Superior

Ronald Sheree Butler v. Columbus County Sheriffs Department

U.S. District Court

Timothy McKoy v. Christopher Batten, et al. Columbus Superior

Yolanda B. Daniels v. Columbus County DSS

Office of Administrative Hearings

Angel Memory, et al. v. County of Columbus, et al. Columbus Superior

Debra Hollingsworth v. County of Columbus, U.S. District Court

Jason Ward v. Danny Ray Duncan, Christopher Batten, et al.

Columbus Superior

Danielle Gore Spivey v. Detective Kevin Norris, et al.

U.S. District Court

Lloyd T. Buffkin, Jr. v. Sgt. Ward, et al. U.S. District Court

Michael S. McKeithan v. Donald Edward Wegner, Jr., et al. Columbus Superior


George Reynolds Evans v. Highway Patrol Troopers, et al.

Gore v. Sheriff’s Dept.

Group Ill Mgt, Inc. v. Columbus County, et al. Columbus Superior


Columbus County v. Amerisource Bergen Drug Corp., et al.


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