Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To The Editor

November 10, 2021

The COVID virus has changed many things in our country and county since being imported here from China. The ways of doing business have changed and for a period all ‘non-essential’ businesses were shut down and when re-opening was put in space mandates, mask, and the problem of employees to run the businesses. Recently some were upset concerning the operation of our Register of Deeds office here in Columbus County.

Kandance Bullock is our Register of Deeds and has done an outstanding job. Unfortunately, she has had to deal with the COVID outbreak as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Since September of 2021 she has had one employee out with COVID, one quarantined and one resigned. Governor Cooper mandated that certain precautions be placed on essential businesses and spacing was one of these precautions. With only one glass shield up there was only room for about four people to wait and follow the rules. The intent of the appointment was to get people in and out as quickly as possible to reduce any chance of catching the virus because being short on employee’s slowed down the time to help those that needed help. Currently, she has three employees (includes her) to collaborate with customers. She has a choice, produce a method to serve the public or close the office, currently Vance County is doing the same as well as other counties in the state. Her office does it is absolute best to get people in and out and she understands this is an inconvenience but is determined to keep the office open and do the work of the people.

This whole COVID thing has been a terrible mess, how and why is another story. The fact now is it must be dealt with and all of us are affected. We should work together and understand some things we cannot control but must deal with it and respect those that are trying to keep things going under an unpleasant situation. Ms. Bullock wants to serve the people of Columbus County in an efficient and friendly atmosphere and has always done so. She does not like this anymore than others do, but as she is the Register of Deeds she has mandates to follow and must do them in a way to run the office and keep things going.  It is her responsibility to her employees and the public to keep them safe.   She is doing an excellent job and would ask everyone to give her the consideration she deserves, this virus will be gone, and things will get back to normal.

Sammy Hinson

Chairman, Columbus County Republican Party