Law and Order Coalition

Law and Order Coalition

The GOP Intends To Have Fair Elections

Dear Chairman,

I hope that this email finds you well. Going along with the email sent out last week, I have had many requests to provide more information about the new Law and Order Coalition. 
The NCGOP has asked all County Chairs to provide the names and contact information of Republican Law Enforcement, Judges, and Attorneys within their county. This initiative is being set up to aid the State Party to coordinate an effort to help prevent voter fraud and promote voter integrity in all parts of North Carolina, come election time. Everytime an illegal vote is cast, our Constitutional Republic is harmed and all the hard work we have put into this election is partly diminished. This effort also gives us the opportunity to connect with one another from Murphy to Manteo. If we stand together – even if it is six feet apart – we can make sure that each county has the support it needs – tools and resources to fight unlawful actions taken against voting precincts. 
If you are having trouble with finding personal contact information for any of your Republican Law Enforcement, Judges, Attorneys please share with your Executive Committee if you have not already. We understand everyone is already working extremely hard to get their local candidates elected but this initiative is not just for state-wide candidates this is geared towards every county in every part of North Carolina.
If you have not already sent in a list please provide it by May 31st if possible. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.
*Our goal is 5 Republican Attorney’s in each county for election day operations.
*For larger counties with multiple *Republican Police Chiefs, Attorneys, etc. please provide the ones that you feel that would be most comfortable working with the State Party for advice and advocacy.
*A excel template is attached to this email to edit and add names, once completed please send back to:

God bless,
Chase GainesCoalitions DirectorNorth Carolina 930-7041

Any Republican Judge, law enforcment, attorney that wishes to be involved please contact me here.


Sammy Hinson, chairman

Columbus County GOP