Ladies in White Make Me See Red

Ladies in White Make Me See Red

By Martha Stevens, Chairperson

Columbus County Republican Women

Seeing Ladies in White Makes Me See RED!

Hillary Clinton once said that Nancy Pelosi has proven it often takes a woman to get the job done.   Well, Hillary might be on to something.  It calls into question; what kind of job?  Granted, Nancy Pelosi is the first women in US history to hold the position of Speaker of the US House of Representatives.  She is the highest-ranking female elected official as she is second in line in the presidential line of succession, immediately after the vice president.  Isn’t that a scary thought? Nancy Pelosi is in her 17th term as a congresswoman and will turn 80 years old in March 2020.  I say it’s time for Nancy to leave that job and go to the house… for good.

Pelosi was at the peak of power, but impeaching President Trump was a gamble. First, she said impeachment wasn’t a good idea and weeks later, she’s all in with a vengeance.  We can only hope that gamble never pays off for her.  Pelosi and her misfits, Nadler, Schiff, and Schumer only intensified Republican loyalty to the president with their sham impeachment. No impeachable offenses and certainly no crimes were committed. I see RED.

I must admit, it was very hard to stay focused during the president’s SOTU speech with the show Pelosi was putting on behind him.  All that eye rolling, whispering, denture adjustments, page turning, and overall disdainful face- making gestures.   Her cult followers dressed in white resemble Hitler’s League of Nazi Socialist women who always appeared in public dressed in white.  Then Pelosi stood behind President Trump and tore up her copy of the speech.  I see RED.

Then the day after the SOTU address, Nancy Pelosi continued her rant saying that the president appeared to be medicated. The night before when President Trump handed her the copy of his speech, she extended her hand, but he didn’t acknowledge it.  Poor old Nancy apparently snapped.  After all they have done and will continue to do, they are slowly losing their minds because they cannot tear down our president.  Did they think they could have him removed from office? No, they knew better.  They want to stain his presidency so badly that the American people will vote for a Democratic Socialist in November.  Tell that to the thousands and thousands of people who stand in lines for hours at Trump rallies across America.

Nancy Pelosi and her liberal Democrats will be seeing a whole lot of change soon.  Here’s a snapshot of what will happen:

  • Republicans will take back the US house and remain in control of the US Senate. 
  • On the state level, we will elect a Republican governor and all eight Conservative Judicial candidates. 
  • Here at home in Columbus County, we will elect three more Republican county commissioners who will move our county forward. 

To poor tired and delusional Nancy. You best believe you will be seeing RED too.