Illusions of Democrats

Illusions of Democrats

The Collusion Illusion and The Democrat Party Illusion

On Wednesday Special Prosecutor Mueller by order of Subpoena was grilled by both isles for six hours concerning the ‘Mueller Report.’ It appears from the testimony that the report should be called the ‘Weissmann’ report as Mueller appeared to be unknowledgeable about his own report.  Mr. Mueller had no knowledge of Fusion GPS and appeared at times as a deer with lights in its eyes to questions asked by the Republicans. 

For over two years and about $30 million dollars plus resources used up by the investigators of the FBI.  At one time there were 17 loyal Democrat prosecutors, some of which donated to Hillary Clinton.  There was a House investigation also a Senate investigation that were done and all with the same outcome, no collusion no obstruction.  I will mention that collusion is not a crime, the obstruction was just lie.  We won’t retry this here; it’s been going on long enough, but I will add one thing.  This was brought about by a ‘fake’ dossier paid for by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton with a foreign national working with Russia to create the dossier, with a payout of about $50 million dollars. Incredible but true, as this is being investigated now by Attorney General Barr.  More is to come to this travesty of a Democrat administration in collusion with Russia using our intelligence agencies to produce a coup d’etat.  There’s much to discuss about this and much more to discuss, but let’s just take the instigators in this travesty and look at the outcome, up to now. 

This is serious, and if we had a news media that was not just another arm of the Democrat Party you would hear this all over TV or in bold type in any reputable newspaper.  Any American that has payed attention to this, and it’s been hard to miss should be concerned.  If our government can do this to a standing president, imagine what it can do to you.  But then, that won’t happen or if it does it will happen to someone else.  The Democrats can feel comfy now and say my Party wouldn’t do that to me and the Republicans deserve it, that is a bold statement from one that does not have that authority.  What happens when the Republicans decide to do the same thing, but they decide to pick on Democrats?  It will be a different story.  We should all be concerned, yet we hear crickets from the Democrats.  The elected officials and bureaucrats don’t care, the common person should be outraged.  There was a time, not too long ago when the Democrats would be outraged.

The Democrat Party as you know it is dead.  The bill of goods your grandparents bought has changed.  You can say that, what your grandfathers and fathers fought against in WWII is what the party embraces now.  Do you really want that?  The extremist in their party want to do away with part of your history, not just American History but European History, under the guise of ‘racism’ and it is, only the opposite way.  Case in point, students in the English department of Penn State took down a portrait of William Shakespeare.  I have the link listed below as a citation for you to examine.  Statues of the founders and Civil War statues all over the South, and you have no say so.  You can burn books, or you can destroy art that represents someone or a period in history.  The Nazi’s did the same and then tried to create an optional source of history.  This is no longer about minor disagreements to our way of life…it’s about creating a new one and destroying the real one.  Illusions, delusion and mass confusions….the ‘new’ Democrat Parties message to gain power.

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus Country Republican Party

Link to Penn State Take Down of Shakespeare