How We Can Fight

How We Can Fight

I was thinking today of the following. The Democrat Party in this country no longer respects our constitution, the sanctity of life, care more for illegals that our vets, seniors, citizens or our laws. This party in my eyes are traitors to this nation, state, and county. They won’t help Trump secure the border, they create sanctuary cities, attack christianity, they are divisive and try to divide us. They encourage attacking innocent people in places like Oregon that eventually will be tried here. The Democrat party in this county has not said anything against these criminal behaviors so evidently, they are in league with the national party, or too ashamed to mention it. In either case…they need to go. We would like to hear from them…if they agree or just too scared to say anything. So, what do we do?

It is my opinion that those of us that don’t agree with this should not vote for anyone on a ballot that does not have a candidate of the Republican Party running against them…write someone in. I will not vote for any person running on a Democrat ticket…period. County Commissioner, register of deeds, Clerk of Court…dog catcher….if they want to support a party that wipes it’s feet on the items listed above I will not cast my vote for them. This is my humble opinion but based upon fact. So…I say if you agree….don’t vote for anyone with the D beside their name…just write someone in. It’s our hopes to have candidates in every race…but should we miss one or two…no votes for the bolshevik party. If it’s more important for them to get elected to office than respect our laws and constitution…not to mention us…the taxpayers and voters…they don’t need to be in office…with my vote. It is contracdictory when they take the oath of office… that’s my opinion…because they don’t honor it. Just say ‘NO’ …. don’t vote for them …. write someone in. If you can’t criticize evil….you encourage it.

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party