How the Democrat Machine Lies

How the Democrat Machine Lies

We take comments on our website and the past few weeks we have been trolled by Democrat hacks. They are constantly sending emails cursing me and the Republican Party which is a compliment it’s good to know we are living rent free in their heads, as they have plenty of spare space in their noggins to occupy. One thing they are spewing from their vial mouths are that ‘Republicans are going to the Democrat Party in Droves’ finally karma has caught up with the Republican Party. Well, we all know all the Democrats have are lies, with a vial and evil platform. The AP has a different opinion based on facts, something the Democrat Party has issues with.

Here is an article from the AP showing exactly the opposite. People in Columbus County have been lied to long enough by these people as well as the country but let’s talk about Columbus County because we live here. I know good people that have drank the Kool-aide and refuse to see the truth in front of them. This is just an example they lie about everything and call themselves the purveyors of truth and justice. Someone that lies this bad is an imbecile, in my humble opinion and the truth is coming out. If you are a registered Democrat do you really want to be associated with these people? The Democrat Party is dead and will never return, you have an alternative. We are not perfect but we know the difference in men and women. We believe you have the right to defend yourself and if you ever needed that you need it now. We believe an unborn child is more than a glob of protoplasm and your children are yours not the states. We also believe this is a christian nation and the government does not have any right to infringe on your religious convictions. GOVERNMENT IS SUPPOSE TO WORK FOR YOU, NOT YOU WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

Read the article below, I don’t make things up I cite it.

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party

Click here to read the AP article