Healthcare, Welfare, Poverty, Debt

Healthcare, Welfare, Poverty, Debt

This week let’s take a look at the remaining items as they are somewhat interwoven in their resulting effects:  Healthcare, Welfare, Poverty and Debt. 

Healthcare.  Once implemented,  your available options and quality of experience just went out the window.  Wait time for a basic lab 3 weeks?  Oh well.  Six months for a standard surgical procedure?  Yep.  Don’t like your doctor(s) and want another?  Too bad.  You have no where to go.  All of the capitalistic checks and balances in place to help provide you a better service, and give you options if you don’t get it, are now out the window.

If the State decides that they get to discontinue life support on a loved one due to cost and capacity concerns.  There is no where non-state sponsored to transfer them.  Maybe you get to take them to court in time, maybe you don’t.  You’re playing by their rules at that point.

Welfare. While certainly needed in some cases, and certainly abused in others, is also a means of control and raising the debt ceiling .  You can manipulate how much welfare assistance you provide in relation to cost of living increases and other variables to effectively set a poverty level baseline as a government if you so desire.  Control what a person needs to live and you control the person.

Furthermore, in some cases, welfare could be considered as an incentive to maintain single-parent families.  This is worth mentioning as there are several studies that indicate those raised single-parent families result in a significantly higher number of delinquencies than those raised in 2-parent homes.

Poverty.  Poverty is control.  When you have reduced a person, or group of people, to the level that they are dependent on you for most everything, you control that person.  You are providing housing, food, healthcare, etc. for them so they aren’t compelled to fight back and just go along with whatever their leaders bring to the table.  They may actually be happy under these arrangements, as captors suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Debt.  Debt is both the beginning and the end of the items above.  Healthcare, welfare, housing, and so on incur a large amount of debt.  This ever increasing debt demands higher taxes.  These higher taxes lead to more poverty, welfare, and government sponsored healthcare as no other options are affordable.  In these circumstances the power to manipulate debt is the power to manipulate the poverty line, and in turn manipulate people.  Circular cause and effect.  This is just one reason many conservative leaders look for smaller, more efficient government with less overhead cost, lower taxes and so on. 

If we were able to “measure” freedom, the people able to make choices in their lifestyle without being dependent of the government would rank high on the scale.  Those dependent on the government and subsequently being pawns in their game, not so much.  I realize which side of the fence we fall on isn’t always up to us due to health issues, age,  and other factors.  However, when we do have a choice, the choice should be clear.

This concludes the Creeping Socialism series.  If you have taken the time to read this series, take a step back, look at what’s going on in our world today.  You should be very concerned unless socialism is your goal.  If so, do nothing, it’ll come your way.

– Lan


There may be additional articles on specific State and National issues in the weeks to come.