Go For The Facts Not The Hacks

Go For The Facts Not The Hacks

Democrats True Colors

Desperation is the common word for the Democrats currently. They usually have focus groups and marketing companies to come up with a cute sexy little word to use to express their lies and innuendos that they all use all over the country to implant their lies in the public that is not paying attention. But, they are not using this word they are just showing it by action. The ridiculous actions they have taken for the past six years are a testament to that and now the raiding of a former president they hated by goons from the FBI. Don’t take me wrong the FBI at one time was a solid institution of law and order but like all other things touched by the marxist Democrats it has been tainted and any thinking person understands that, now they want to weaponize the IRS.

Columbus County is not an island, the same party here in Columbus County survives by a thread and as I have said as well as analyst on TV with FOX and other reliable news outlets have said Democrat elected officials will do as they are told and conform to that vial parties every demand or they as everyone else will reap the consequences. It won’t stop at the Columbus County line for sure and if you think it will you are badly ill informed or you agree with the marxist tactics that party has displayed. There are people in this county that will gladly go to that level. Currently now their hacks are spreading lies using some people that think they have some fooled.

It has already been boasted upon us that money from outside our county will be pouring into Columbus County by special interest groups and county commissioner with a personal vandetta for our Sheriff. The same Democrat Party sent for the Laura Slander’s Show for a hit job on not just the Sheriff but the county as she stood in downtown Whiteville incorrectly describing the free equipment our sheriff’s department received to make it look like it was just for the city of Whiteville, not the whole county. This is what Democrat leaders and special groups did for you Columbus County and who would want this type of trash running Columbus County Government. This is the reason the Democrat Party since reconstruction has done nothing for Columbus County but get drunk on their power and prosperity while asking for your vote to keep the party going. It makes me angry to know that some people in our county would stoop to this level yet they have and they have mobilized various groups and ill informed people in the county to spread lies and try to cause trouble, but it won’t work. Desperation creates mistakes.

The Republican Party in Columbus County thinks we should work for you, not you work for us. We respect the people in our county. We respect and honor our laws and constitution. We want you to prosper, be happy and have safe communities with good schools to raise your children. We want to have good courts with good judges that disperse the law fairly. The Democrat Party in Columbus County is a hand maiden to the national party, Raleigh (Cooper) and Washington, don’t doubt me on this. Look at the price of gasoline, groceries and look at the shortages we have had on items. Look at the border and the lawlessness you have seen the past two years. Do you want these people to run Columbus County? What makes you think you are special? Believe me, you are not to them only your vote. Don’t fall for it go for the facts not the hacks.

In closing, when someone puts out a lot of money and resources to get someone elected in rural county like Columbus while going to the trouble of bringing in a known liberal hack job to do a story somebody expects a return on their investment. It’s not a concerned citizen that loves the county, I think you know that. These people are doing the worst possible thing to this county by demonizing it and lying to it’s people to hold them back and maintain power; they care nothing for you or your children it’s all about ‘the party’ and they are so stupid they can’t see they are cutting their own throats and being used.

Sammy Hinson, chairman

Columbus County Republican Party