Frivilous Lawsuits/Unity

Frivilous Lawsuits/Unity

As mentioned a few days ago I am posting some information I recieved from the County attorney concerning frivilous law suits against individuals and entities in Columbus County by Calvin Norton. I’m not posting the list…it’s not necessary unless some of you want to see it…I believe the list has been posted somewhere before. The information I recieved was from 2009 up to the end of 2018 with 23 individual suits. I want everyone to understand the numbers. The county has a $5000 deductibe with the bonding company for each occurance. So, if you multiply $5000 times 23 you get $115,000.00 paid on on deductibles now this is not counting other expenses caused by this mess. I don’t have access to that but if you account for time wasted by the county and other attorney fees incurred it is a lot of money the taxpayers have to pay for nothing other than in my humble opinion a group of people bent on causing trouble and being a ‘gnat in the ear’ to achieve their own personal agendas. Of course it’s from the Democrat Party in the county and no doubt with help and influence from outside. This is going on all over the nation…not just here, we are not special.

Recently as some of you may know a vicious attack from one of our own was thrown at the county party, that was not warranted in any way. I’m not getting into the nuts and bolts of it to create a soap opera, I have my agenda…it don’t include petty likes or dislikes. But I do feel that those of you that are sincere about making the county and country a better place should understand that really we are not in this for the recognition, fun, money or anything else other than making this a better place. No one can say that I or the functions of the Columbus Country Republican Party…since March of this year when we reorganized has not done our jobs and without your help it could not have happened…you are the party..not me. I will make you a promise, when someone hits us…I will hit back hard and fast. We are involved with people that exchange information with us…we trust, and are good people. Many times we know things we don’t say anything about…because we don’t gossip…we deal with facts. We can’t accuse people and not prove it, but I will say this…there are some very reputable people that we have dialogs with and have a pulse on what’s going on here. We will continue to grow the party and prepare for the 2020 elections. We have some interest in people running for some offices and we will support them. Thanks to you the sheriff’s race is done…now there’s new ground to break. My goal is to turn this county red…everything else is personal feelings and talk….not in my job description. I encourage you all to do the same…you are a good group of people of which I am proud to be associated with..we all deserve better than what we have been provided in this county in the past. No doubt in my mind with your help it will turn around.

Sammy Hinson, chairman
Columbus County Republican Party


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