Failed coup? A closer look

Failed coup? A closer look

In reply to an opinion article in the Tabor-Loris Tribune by Deuce Niven

This response refers to an article in the Tabor-Loris Tribune, Wednesday January 13th, 2021, Failed coup, fitting legacy.  As I read the article and upon completing it the main crux of what I read indicated extreme bias and heavy words with no proof.  I felt it necessary to respond for those in Columbus County or the 64% of the vote President Trump received that do not agree with the author’s opinion, so I think they should be able to share theirs also.  I have no doubt the Tabor-Loris Tribune welcomes free speech and prides itself as a platform for their readers.

To begin with let us look at the ‘heavy words’ used by the author describing the president.  He implied the president was a ‘liar’ and ‘bully.’  The author mentioned ‘fraudulent election claims’ of which I’m sure he’s tying the word ‘liar’ to but did not offer any evidence other than what the MSM broadcasted daily failing to look at the evidence offered by the president’s team.  The five states in question each had Democrat courts that would not allow the cases to be brought forth.  If you remember the 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush was dragged out for 30 days counting chads which eventually had to go to the Supreme Court.  In 2016 Democrat congress members protested the election and the electors without any support from the Senate.  I guess by the author’s line of thought all these people should be labeled liars too.  Let me mention this, here in Columbus County I turned in 15 incident reports at our election most were small, but one captured on video and turned into the SBOE as well as the Sheriff.  This was instigated by a company doing business in Columbus County, so cheating is going on but much worse in the five states in question.  The author gave no reason for the bully word, so I will assume his striking back at the media and those that have used their platform to bully those that do not lock step to their agenda.  There is another word for that, it is called ‘backbone.’  

Concerning the capital incident, the president did not encourage violence and the incident was occurring while the president was speaking.  I spoke to someone from Columbus County that was there.  The remark Giuliani made he referenced was a phrase taken from the TV series Game of Thrones which was rhetorical in nature.  If you look at what Chuck Schumer said in front of the US Supreme Court last March on a ruling concerning abortion the senator was threatening SCOTUS while with a mob in front of the Supreme Court as they were beating and kicking on the door to get in.  What does the author have to say about that and incidentally Senator Schumer is now the Majority Leader in the Senate?  Maybe he overlooked this but maybe he will provide us with a scathing article about the Senator’s actions.  Let us not forget the shooting of a Republican congressman by a gunman that hated Republicans.  Maybe I missed that article from the author.   A fake dossier furnished by a foreign spy colluding with Hillary Clinton and the DNC spun off a two- and one-half year bogus investigation.  Maybe the author will explain to us why the House impeached President Trump for a phone call to the Ukraine that was completely harmless, but Joe Biden can get on video and laugh about threating to pull a billion dollars in aid if they did not fire the prosecutor investigating his son, crickets.  No wonder we do not trust the media.  His presidency was never accepted by the left yet if legitimate questions are asked about the 2020 election, he is a liar and bully. 

I could go on and on.  All this done to a president that donated every dime of his pay for four years, maybe Joe and Kamala will do the same.  Election year riots, businesses burning, defunding police, statues being torn down and it goes on and on.  Do not forget the China virus hurting the economy, President Trump’s shining jewel.  And may I mention the accomplishments of this ‘failed president.’  Check my website with the link provided to cite his accomplishments.  Do you think this was all a co-incidence?  I personally do not believe in co-incidences or luck.  The coup my friends did not fail, because the coup was from the author’s side.  I have all the information I have used here in citation on my website, there’s not enough space here to cover everything and post the citations.  I speak from fact, not from hate and bias.   

Sammy Hinson, chairman

Columbus Republican Party

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