Dumbing Down Has Worked

Dumbing Down Has Worked

Watching the ‘news’ everyday and reading post from people can give you a grim outlook on life and the future of our country or in fact even the world.  You would think that in a time when information is accessible to our fingertips, eyes and ears 24/7 that we would be the most informed people that ever lived on this Earth; we live in the information age of man’s existence.  The problem is all the information is not reliable. Bad people find ways to make good things unreliable, but we can filter through the mass of information and get the truth.  Yet we are probably the most ignorant or let’s say some in the history of the world.  I will explain my reasoning.

I watched a video of a reporter asking questions to mostly college age students concerning President Trump.  I don’t know where it was located, and it don’t matter information is flowing on the internet along with cable and print all over the country.  Every remark they made concerning President Trump was a lie that had been proven to be a lie, yet they clung to it like a precious gift.  Another thing I noted also, these people seemed to have an aura about them that said, ‘I’m superior to you and know everything.’ There was no talking to them, and extremely dangerous situation for people living within the same boundaries and under the same flag.  It was plain to see they didn’t know everything but seemed to be satisfied living a lie.  My point is this, when people are manipulated into believing what is not true and don’t have the initiative to ask questions, research or listen to fellow citizens, a decline in a unified people is surely to occur and what happens after that is troubling to ponder.  They are already throwing away one of their most vital rights, information and knowledge. 

Our institutions have already slipped into disarray, most of our news media are biased and push agendas rather than information to keep the public informed.  They keep the public informed but from the corporation’s point of view or ‘opinion’ based on an agenda.  I hear people all the time call President Trump a liar.  I ask, what did he lie about and get no answer.  When you ask some of these people what is the issue with Trump, rather than give an answer they start twitching and get irritated.  If they give an answer it’s false and something they heard on MSNBC or CNN by one of the ‘experts’ or hacks they drag in.  Our institutions of higher learning, really a joke now, are key in dumbing down our children and focus more on agenda rather than thinking for one’s self.  You have overpaid professors with an attitude against the very entities that provide them with extravagant salaries and a guaranteed job teaching your children and grand children the country is evil and must be punished, just keep their check coming. 

So, what does all this mean?  Why even say it?  The previous president did a good job of dividing this country with help from a corrupt and extremely biased news media.  Of course, they are preaching to a willing group of idiots.  Obama created the dissent among the groups and the news media added the fertilizer and soda to make it really grow.  You have choices in this world.  You can accept the status quo, or you can ask questions.  The news media in this country enjoys free speech along with the citizens to provide the facts so in a healthy environment they call out those that are not factual and liars, regardless of mine or your person feelings or opinion.  People have a hard time determining the difference between ‘feelings’ and ‘facts.’ The left thrives on feelings because feelings are easier to abuse.  Truth of the matter is when utilizing feelings to govern your everyday life, I will guarantee you, you will hurt someone’s feelings in that process so you completely destroy the mission you were set out to do.  For some reason the left has taken the moral high ground on issues yet are the most destructive of personal liberties and rights of any group in this country.  President Trump has been successful in pulling down that curtain, but there are still those that feel like noble thoughts and feelings make you the better person, no matter who it hurts. 

How do you win with this type of thought amongst the people?  You win elections, you appoint good judges.  You stick to your GOD, guns, family and remember one thing.  These people are legends in their own minds, they live in an alterative universe.  Mostly losers that have found fortune in being a victim or haters that are what they accuse you of being.  Weak people that depend on a corrupt system to get even for them because they are too lazy to stand up in this world and accept what life has to offer or provide on an equal basis, by one’s blood, sweat and tears.  There are different names for them, Bolsheviks, Marxist, Nazi’s also Progressives.  Poultry is just another way of saying chicken, actions are the defining factor.  Get out and vote, it’s much easier than their alternatives.   

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party