Democrats Platform

Democrats Platform

This is what the Democrats Platform is. If you disagree with them they say you are lieing , using dirty campaign tactics, are racist or some other dog whistle word to avoid the truth. They said on their FB page what I said was ‘fear tactics.’ Let’s take a look and see …what they are for. Needless to say, I can’t support this….the Democrat Party is not…grandpa and grandma’s party…RIP…it’s time to fix the mess….JOIN THE FIGHT!

  • Open borders
  • Illegals given the right to vote (More Dem votes…so your’s won’t count)
  • Killing babies and clapping about it
  • Free healthcare for illegals and non citizens
  • Welfare benefits and SS benefits for illegals
  • Putting illegals above our own citizens
    • Discriminate against christians and give Muslem’s special rights
  • Wipe their feet on the constitution (ignore our laws…the ones they don’t like and stretch the ones that are helpful for their agenda)
  • Allowing transgenders to go into school rooms with your children to brainwash them
  • Opening restrooms to perverts and ‘sick people’ that think if they wake up feeling like the opposite sex that day…that’s what they are.
  • Creating special groups instead of one United States
  • Burning flags and throwing temper tandrums and getting mule lipped when the National Anthem is played.
  • Using the intelligence services to spy on citizens
  • Trying to unseat a duly elected president using the ‘national news media, corrupt DOJ and intelligence agencies and a corrupt Democrat controlled congress.’
  • Filthy cites with homelessness and human waste on the streets like San Franciso and Los Angeles.
  • Allowing a George Soros funded group called Antifa to beat up citizens and let the police stand by and watch.
  • In essence ‘Banana Republic Tactics’ is their platform, is no wonder they want the illegals from South America.

Now…did I miss anything? What is this all for…for them to take control …it’s all about control. This is treason…pure and simple…the Democrat party is a communist …marxist organization that came in an existing political party and they took it with open arms. You see…the old party is gone…it’s here in name only. Now you are either for it or against it….which one is it going to be.

All the offices in Columbus County can be run without a ‘D’ beside their name. Laws govern the running of all offices in this county…not the pleasure of the Democrat Party. The court….Deeds….commissioners…you name it …the only difference is the National Democrat Party and platform are as Obama said …. going to make a ‘fundamental change’ to the United States. If these people don’t believe in this …there’s no reason for them to not change. Don’t misread what I’m saying I know these people, and they are good people…they are too good of people to be associated with the party they are representing. I call them my friends…with exception of maybe a few of the commissioners …that are not going to change because the title and paycheck is more important to them than standing up and doing what’s right and some more things. Maybe they will make me a liar…I hope so….that’s one piece of crow I would love to eat.

If you think the 2016 election was a battleground…wait till 2020…and it’s almost upon us. We are not letting up on this, and I ask everyone to stand up and deny the evil the Democrat Party has allowed itself to be taken over by. It’s not coming back…they should change the name. We all make choices and the list I have above is not a lie…it’s the truth…the papers are full of it …this is the modern Democrat Party. Politics is a grass root entity…it starts from dog catcher up the President….it’s your responsibility to get Columbus County on the right path…there are 99 more counties in NC that have their jobs …then all the other states. Let’s put aside our petty differences and fix this mess. Nothing to lose only many things to gain. Join the fight!

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party

Here is a link to the Democrat Party’s Platform. They do a platform every four years so this one was the current 2016. I have had some complaints from local Democrats concerning my interpretation of their platform. So I’m going to go through key parts of it and compare it to their actions on the subject. It has 45 pages so we won’t go through all of it just some. From what I have read so far, it won’t take much. Here is the link