Democrat Hypocracy

Lies and Smoke Screens

The raid on President Trumps residence last night is yet another abuse by the Democrats on our laws. The Democrats are a lawless entity that want to control law enforcement an oximoron to say the least. They broke every rule in the book. Hillary Clinton destroyed emails, had a private server of which her and Barack Obama conversed on while her being Secretary of State. She and her staff destroyed Blackberries, she paid for a fake dossier while dealing with a foreign agent and it was Russia, Russia, Russia for three years, investigations and daily talk shows on all the alphabet networks to slander the President as well as lie to the cheerleaders in their audience to split the country. Obama and Eric Holder had ‘Fast and Furious’ where automatic weapons were provided to drug dealers across the border and one of our agents killed by them. The FBI sits back and does nothing, crickets. President Trump, Roger Stone and others have FBI raids at their homes breaking down doors and destroying property. I could go on and on and it’s pathetic.

Here in Columbus County we have a sheriff’s race and much has been said, all lies and misinformation about free equipment our Sheriff’s Dept. received that our surrounding counties already had. Some complained about a decal on some of the equipment, all this going on while Democrat activist in other parts of the country were burning down business’s and trying to burn down Federal Building, yet the geniuses that complained about free equipment said nothing about that. While the Democrats are defunding their police protection all over the country now 87,000 new IRS agents will be knocking on doors to harass and steal money from private hard working citizens and retirees, crickets, not a word from these ‘concerned citizens.’ Yet, they want to run the Sheriff’s Dept. in Columbus County under a governor marching in lockstep with a party calling themselves Democrat but using marxist tactics. Actions are what you go by not names or titles. These people will never condemn the abuse of the power and the equipment used by the FBI to strong arm political opponents. They don’t want you to have equipment here because they don’t like the police, they want them defunded and crippled to have their way in the county. These same people will not denounce the abuse used by their Democrat masters. The like it only to be used on their political enemies, like in banana republics. Money is being put out by entities that have no reason to put a dog in this fight except for a nationwide agenda. The Democrats destroy and taint everything they put their hands on, the FBI was once a solid and reliable institution, now in appearance and actions no more than the SS in Nazi Germany. People are angry and they have every right to be angry, this is not normal.

Do you want this in Columbus County? Don’t let a handful of party activist and people with ‘special’ agendas poison you with lies. These people care nothing for you only your vote at election time. If you think you will be one of the chosen ones you better refigure, it don’t work that way. It was said last night by some that the Democrat Party controls their officials exactly what I’ve been telling you when you elect a Democrat you elect a puppet for the marxist Democrats don’t doubt me on that. What’s sad is some people are so wrapped up in hate and ignorance they lap up the lies like honey and don’t have the reasoning power to understand they’re being used and are targets themselves. If they can do this to a previous president they will have no issue or trouble doing it with you and they will if allowed to. Wake up, smell the coffee and realize who your real friends are.

Sammy Hinson, chairman

Columbus County Republican Party