Creeping Socialism/How It Takes Control

Creeping Socialism/How It Takes Control


There are several levels of control that must be obtained before a government is able to create a socialist state.  I will be focusing on one or more of the following levels in the weeks ahead:

1.  Education

2.  Media

3.  Class/Race Warfare

4.  Gun Control

6.  Healthcare

5.  Welfare

6.  Poverty

9.  Debt

This week I am going to focus on Education, primarily traditional education but also education in the electronic age we live in.  Today people of all ages are receiving information via TV “news” and programs, social media, and so on.  If this information was the truth and nothing but the truth, then there wouldn’t be an issue.  However, we know this is often not the case.


Economics, Civics, History… these were once very informative classes that prepared us for what we would see and interact with in the “real” world.  Today, I’m not sure what exactly children are being taught.  Is it an issue of them looking and listening to their cell phone and not the teacher?  Are they being taught from “modern” textbooks containing only selective non-offensive pieces of history?  Is it that their favorite liberal teacher/professor putting their spin on the text and restricting it further?  It could be any or all of the above in some situations.

As far as public schools go, Common Core is a disaster.  Our test scores have dropped.  Tests and college entrance requirements are being lowered so people can get in.  It’s ridiculous.  Without getting into a lengthy description, Common Core for all practical purposes was a “soft-push” roll-out from the Federal Government.  It was not mandatory, but with incentives that most states couldn’t pass it up.  Now we are left to fight this from the bottom up, county to state level.  Such an inefficient, cumbersome, and lengthy process to undo… by design, of course.

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular to circumvent Common Core and liberal teacher’s indoctrination efforts.  This may be a win for your child but I urge you to not stop there.  Homeschooling is not an option for most families.  If we manage to successfully home-school 30% of the nation’s children, that still means 70% are still being exposed to Common Core, SEL, and your local socialist teacher(s).  These “teachers” are preparing students for a cause rather than educating them and letting them make a choice.  We may win a battle with homeschooling but to leave public schools unaddressed is to lose the war.

While these educational issues may not be as prevalent at your/our local schools they most certainly are nationwide, and definitely on NC college campuses today where you may have your property stolen, room set on fire, or doxxed depending on your political party. 

History is being rewritten and definitions are being changed daily to fit the far-left narrative.  Look up “Nationalist”, you’ll find some correct definitions as well as “modern” definitions using words like “excessive” and “detrimental to others” to spin Nationalism as a “bad” thing.

Folks, silence is consent.  To paraphrase a familiar quote:  “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do Nothing.”   We have to address our school systems now, not later, or we will lose the war.  Every individual voice, vote, and effort does matter.

– Lan



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