Bernard White Candidate District 2

Bernard White Candidate for District 2

W. Bernard White, Jr. is the Republican from Chadbourn running for
Columbus County Commissioner (District 2).  Mr. White’s platform is more
jobs. He wants more jobs, more industry & more opportunity for the
people of Columbus County.

Currently the Technology Manager for Columbus County Sheriff’s Office,
and owner of small web development & music publishing business, White
intends to use his digital marketing & tech experience to target
businesses interested in expansion/relocation. He thinks this experience
will help identify companies for further talk. It is his belief that
JOBS is the most important topic today.

Bernard White attended schools in Chadbourn, high school in Cerro Gordo,
and colleges in Whiteville, Wilmington & Raleigh. His experience running
a commercial IT business in North Whiteville (Advanced Computing, for
over a decade) provided a diverse small business knowledge, and will
prove valuable in future company negotiations. This experience working
with area business owners & municipality (City of Whiteville) on a daily
basis allowed White to see the processes & concerns of running a
business and town in Columbus County. He understands how things work

Bernard White for Columbus County Commissioner District 2.
Vote for better tomorrows on March 3rd!

Candidate: W. Bernard White, Jr.
Campaign Committee: Bernard White for Columbus County
Website: bernardwhite.com
Email: info@bernardwhite.com
Phone: 910-625-7747
Party: Republican

“Let’s Bring The Jobs In”

Lavern Coleman Candidate District 4

Lavern Coleman Candidate District 4 Commissioner


Jack Lavern (Vern) Coleman 11/07/54

Works at I/P for 45 years plan to retire 3/21

Life time resident of Columbus County

Very active in our schools and area

Have 2year degree in Pulp and Paper

Married/ 4 children (3 live in county)

Member Prosper Baptist Church

I favor county wide voting for commissioners

I favor reducing to 5 commissioners

Jobs, Education, Law Enforcement Priority

Will push transparency will meet every quarter and discuss one on one needs you have

I have no hidden interest

I promise I will listen to what you say and ask

Please call me or ask people that know me. 

You might not like what I say but it will be the truth to the best of my knowledge.

Lavern (Vern) Coleman-Candidate for District 4 Commissioner.

Mack Ward candidate for District 2

Mack Ward Candidate for District 2

Candidate for County Commissioner District II – I am seeking the office of county commissioner to offer each and every citizen of Columbus County open and transparent county government. Perhaps I can facilitate some swamp draining along the way, which under the present conditions would be very beneficial. I steadfastly believe every citizen should know what their county government is doing. Many improvements in your county need to be made, economic development and jobs a top priority. One goal I will certainly strive for is to be able to communicate with any resident of our county when problems, questions or concerns arise. Seeking solutions and answers promptly. As a former law enforcement officer and retired North Carolina Magistrate I value the freedom we have to exercise our second amendment rights that are granted by the US Constitution. The simple fact of any elected or public official attempting to compromise our second amendment rights will simply embolden criminals with the knowledge their victims are more vulnerable. If elected I work for you, some tidying up in county government will benefit everyone.

My Qualifications

  • Former Law Enforcement Officer
  • Retired NC Magistrate Judicial District 13A
  • A firm believer in mine and your right to bear arms the 2nd Amendment
  • I care about the county and it’s people
  • I’m familiar with how government works and knows where it needs to be fixed.

I will be a commissioner for the whole county.