Convention of States a constitutional fix!

Convention of States a constitutional fix!


I’ve attempted to give credit where credit was due, and not give or even take away credit when it was not due in previous articles.  For the purpose of this article, I am speaking to all parties as an American.   Party lines are being thrown out the window, so if that offends you, move on.

Convention of States – Article V of the Constitution.

If you haven’t heard of CoS before  you may ask: “What is a Convention of states, and why do we need one?”.  Perhaps the basics of these two questions can be more easily answered by watching the following video.   (Note: Publish date was 2017 so the deficit numbers are higher.)  Let’s watch it first then regroup for some details.

Ok, now we have a basic idea of the power Article V gives the states in order to combat a corrupt or inefficient government.  Let’s talk about some of the concerns I have heard from friends and peers.

1.  It’s dangerous, or I’m scared.  As noted in the video, there are checks and balances in place to prevent any absurd amendments from making it through.  While 26 states can put forth an amendment, 38 states are required to ratify it.  Getting 38 states to pass an amendment would be, in itself, a monumental effort.   No hardcore liberal or conservative amendment will make it through, just the one, or ones, that make enough sense to all parties involved that 38 states will actually sign off on it.

Once the desired actions have taken place, operations will return to normal, aside from the ratified amendments.  But… Congress now knows they are on a leash… that we can, and will come together as needed.  The residual effects of this action will force them to police themselves, or deal with the consequences.  Real consequences to them, not the ones you keep hearing about on TV that never happen.

2.  We aren’t there yet.   Are you living under a rock?  I do not mean that as an insult but we need to take a look at our Congress, from present to as far back as you want to go.  Bills put forward and bills passed compared to previous Congress ratios, gov shutdowns, scandals, excluding themselves from thier own laws, wasteful committees and investigations, black holes that our tax dollars disappear into, giving themselves raises, ridiculous deficits, lifetime politicians, and so on.  Not only are we there yet, we are and have been past there.  It’s clear Congress will not police themselves and some folks manage to get re-elected over and over when they should be booted out.

3.  What needs to happen?   First, we need to get our individual states on board.  Contact your State Representatives and Senators.  15 states have already passed CoS.  6 other states (including NC and NH) have passed it in one state chamber and just need the other chamber to pass.  14 other states have legislation on the table right now (including OR, NY, MN, and PA).  That’s 35 total right there, including some traditionally blue states, that are considering or have already passed CoS.   Once 34 states have called for the CoS, it becomes active, even if the other states have not yet signed on

4.  What could 38 states possibly agree on?   You may be surprised.  A few things come to mind:

a.  Term limits.  We have lifetime politicians on both sides of the isle that have pointed fingers at each other for decades.  If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem.  Why did Congress see fit to limit the President’s “power” to only 2 terms?  Power corrupts, and the corrupt do not willingly let go of power. Nowadays, No primarily Democrat state wants to vote out a Democrat and no primarily Republican state wants to vote out a Republican.  So if you’re corrupt, ignorant, communist, treasonus, or just doing a crappy job, you STILL get re-elected in those states!  How screwed up is that?

b.  The Deficit.  People want to see this come down, some type of transparency or level of control in where our money is going and why.  Yet every Congress, regardless of which party is in control, sees the deficit and government just get larger.

c.  Two-tier legislation.  Congress is supposed to work for us, but face it, we are working for them.  With our taxes they are giving themselves raises, exempting themselves from their own laws, getting life-time benefits out of just one term, special insurance, paying off their sex scandals, and more.  The power and arrogance is beyond belief.  And yet we’re fighting among ourselves instead of addressing these glaring abuses of power.  They want us to fight with each other, as long as we do, we have no power over them and they have unlimited power over us.

All parties involved have an opportunity to fix some of the things that are broken in this country, starting with our Congress.  They no longer function as intended and have made it blatantly clear they aren’t going to change on their own.  As long as we are liberals and conservatives, things will not change.  We need to be Americans once again and fix what is broken.  The corrupt in Washington know that CoS is their Kryptonite, don’t let them or anyone else scare or discourage you from reeling them in.

Again, this goes way beyond party lines.  Contact your State legislators about CoS, and visit (scroll down as needed) for additional information.

– Lan