Class/Race/Gender Warfare

Class/Race/Gender Warfare

This week I am going to focus on class, race, and gender warfare.

Let’s start with a definition.  Deflection:  a change of direction, or the act of preventing something being directed at you.  Simply put, this is the basis for keeping us divided, fighting with each other.  As long as we fight among ourselves, we aren’t able to come together and address the corruption within our government, whether that be local, state, or national.

Orignally the context of the division was just class warfare, divide the people into the rich and the poor to promote discontent and support for taxing the rich.  This context has obviously spilled over into other areas in recent times.

United we stand, divided we fall.  With that statement alone  the enemy has all of the information they need to destroy us.  Who is the enemy?  The enemy is everywhere.  External influences seeking to cause discontent or disruption by attacking weaknesses in our laws.  Radicals who want to see the US collapse so they can build a new one from scratch.  Politicians that support or at least condone these actions. Those who just ride the wave for their own profit, and so on.

People, I try to be an optimist but I’m always a realist.  We wish every person was good, but they aren’t.  If you line up 1 million democrats and 1 million Republicans, and 1 million independents, there’s inevitably going to be a few bad people in every group.  The corrupt leaders and media want to fan the fire so those few bad apples become a visible representative of the “competition”.

From a mental perspective, we can not allow that to happen. We need to recognize that most of us aren’t those extremists.  Furthermore, everyone needs to “police” their own party and reign in those not acting in our best interest.  In the past 6 months I have only encountered 1 person in a Conservative social media group that acted like the stereotype the media would have you believe most conservatives are.  I promptly called this person out and told them if they wanted to act like Antifa they were in the wrong group.  I encourage everyone else to do the same.

The swamp exists, and it is not specific to any one party.  As long as we spend the majority of our efforts fighting among ourselves, the swamp will always exist.  “Deflection:  a change of direction, or the act of preventing something being directed at you.”   This is why they pit us against each other.  As long as we fight each other we won’t fight them.  That’s what they want.  Don’t play their game.

– Lan