By Ray Jacobs

China – Becoming The World Leader


China wants to be THE world leader in all things.  They are not content to share this role with the US, Japan, Russia, India, or any other country.  Information from Chinese Defectors and recently declassified security documents show that China has a plan to topple the US as the world superpower, culminating by no later than 2049.  I’m not going to get into those details here as there is abundant information on the subject.  A search on “China 100 year plan” will get you started.  There’s even a book called “Hundred-Year Marathon” available on the subject.

While I’m on the topic of details and source information, as I cover the topics below, I have confirmed that multiple sources exist online for these topics.  The issue with providing links is that one person discredits any links from CNN by default, another discredits Fox, and yet another .orgs, and so on.  My suggestion on these items, and others in the future, is that anything worth researching, is worth researching both sides of the story.  Read that CNN article, and the Fox one too, grab that .org study while you’re at it.  You will be better informed on the subject at hand than any one source alone.  Also, if you look close enough, you may notice these “competing news sources” collectively choose to ignore some important news altogether.  Isn’t that interesting? 

Today’s Wars

This is the 21st century.  While traditionally fought military wars are still an option, they are becoming a less desirable option.  Today’s wars are primarily fought without ever putting troops on the ground.  It is much easier to split a country in half based on race, gender, class, religion, etc. than to invade by force.  Creating division destroys a country from within, while you keep your troops and resources at a safe distance.  Forcibly/obviously invading a country will unify the invaded country against the obvious invader, and cost the invaders both life and resources in the process.  These modern, indirect attacks are the types of battles and wars being fought today, and the methods China is currently applying to all who oppose them. 

China’s path to success

1.  Control the media. 

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda in ~1930s era Germany knew the media was a singular point of influence over the entire population.  To control the media was to control the people.  While I despise the man and his tactics, he was indeed good at his “job”. 

The electronic age is but fertile soil for these manipulative tactics.  If you want to push a narrative then you silence your opposition, or anyone who question the narrative.  Today’s media (all of them) chooses what they want you to see, and perhaps more importantly, what they do not want you to see.  Big Tech and their ever elusive “standards” and “fact-checkers” are already on board with these tactics.  Many countries, such as India, are considering banning Twitter and possibly Facebook for their obvious bias and double standards in what they allow and do not allow on their platforms.

In recent years, I have to include professional athletes and Hollywood in the media column as well, many of which are (arguably) only slightly more athlete/actor than activist.  It’s interesting that so many of these individuals/teams speak out in favor of democracy and diversity, while speaking out against oppression, yet remain silent on China’s tactics in these areas and they are the polar opposite of those items.

2.  Control the economy. 

The US makes very little product on its own now.  What the US does make is often assembled with parts obtained from other countries.  This isn’t a new problem but something important has changed.  We are now at a breaking point.  China, on its own or in collusion with other countries (willing or not), can have a significant impact on our economy.  By significant I’m not talking about a temporary bump in the supply chain, I mean long-term outages of essential products. 

I heard an interesting figure recently, that approximately one-third of all worldwide maritime trade goes through the South China Sea.  I have not verified this percentage, but it wouldn’t surprise me if true or even higher.  China has expertly leveraged Corporate greed for decades now.  Utilizing underpaid/overworked laborers, or even slaves, they can make/provide the product cheaper than those obtained by ethical means.  This allows corporations to trim their more expensive, yet ethical, resources while receiving a product they can market for the same price.  The results are increased earnings for the company, a big win for corporate management/stockholders.  Good times… until the good times are over… and this bubble is about to break.  We are entirely too resource dependent on a foreign country, a Communist country… that is no way, shape, or form, a friend to the US.  If we do not immediately reverse our direction in this area, we will be held hostage one day.  Perhaps sooner than you think, most certainly before 2049.

The supply issue also applies to local businesses.  One item that immediately comes to attention is the Chinese acquisition of America’s largest pork producer, Smithfield, in 2020.  This is not a singular occurrence, China has been gobbling up US enterprise, on our own soil, at a record rate.  This is by design, not coincidence.  Any economic hardship of the US is a win for China.  I hope you realize they aren’t worried about what happens to us when it comes to their plans.

3.  Control the education system.

Many citizens and foreigners alike consider the US education system in the US at present to be a joke.  I don’t mean to insult anyone, there are some good educators out there, many of whom have their hands tied.  It just is what it is.  The curriculum has been altered in ways that aren’t conducive to learning.  Hands on classes like Ag, Shop, and Home Ec. have been abandoned.  Many teachers now are more activist than teacher, discouraging question and discussion as opposed to encouraging it.  Teaching their views only, rather than discussing all views and allowing their students to make come to an informed conclusion on their own. 

The emphasis on any given subject is to learn what you need in order to pass the test at the end of the year, nothing more.  SAT tests have been made easier. Many Educational institutions now work off of a 10-point grading scale instead of a 7-point scale; meaning today’s passing grades of 60-69 were failing grades not too long ago.  We’re creating/allowing a generation of student to graduate with less education than the generation(s) before them.  Sadly, the previously mentioned activist teachers are propping them up to believe they have a superior intellect compared to the preceding generations of graduates.  Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Many are unaware that there was a 2020 report of an investigation by the US Department of Education into many US Universities and other Educational institutions regarding unreported financial funding and influence from foreign sources, primarily China but also the Middle East as well.  China and the Middle East in our highest institutes of learning.  Please think about that for a minute before proceeding.  At that time, it was reported that Harvard and Yale alone failed to report ~ $375 million in funding from 2017-2019, again, most of which came from China. This investigation prompted all Educational institutes to come forward with an additional ~ $ 6.5 billion in unreported funding.  Yes, $6.5 billion.

4.  Dishonorable mentions.

There are many items worth mentioning here.  To name a few:

China has its own lobbyist on Capitol Hill, a direct link to our National Government.  You may remember Joe Lieberman, former presidential candidate, now a registered lobbyist for ZTE, a Chinese corporation with close ties to their government.  Many such links to State and local Governments exist as well

The WHO receives significant funding from China.  Those familiar with their response, or lack thereof, regarding the coronavirus variant, need no further explanation.  Also, worth noting the WHO gave direction to America’s own CDC, along with Dr. Fauci.  Details of these actions and inactions are still continuing to surface today.

Wokeism 1.  While part of the US pushes against “toxic” masculinity in an effort to create more effeminate men. China has implemented a masculinity program for their upcoming generation of males.  Following both of these efforts to completion, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who would have the upper hand in a traditional war if one were to happen.

Wokeism 2.  While part of the US pushes back against “Xenophobia”, China is forcing Muslim’s into “Re-education camps”.  Where’s the Media, Hollywood, and sports elite on this one?  No need to answer, they are likely getting paid just as much for their silence (perhaps more) than they are for their activism.


China has its modern-day army on US soil, and too many Americans are oblivious that a war is even taking place.  Instead, they are worried about genders, offensive cartoons, and the like.  Then there are those who do have an idea of what’s going on, but they are silent because they are only one individual… just like the millions of individuals that never lifted a finger in 1930s Germany.  Will history indeed repeat itself?  Time will tell.