Chairmans Corner

Chairmans Corner

I want to welcome everyone to our new site, blog, and forum. It is from here that we all can get information and leave information….stay in touch with everyone and events. I will be posting here, Martha Stevens will be posting and providing information on events and issues that effect us all in Columbus County. The Sheriff has a page to keep us up to date on crime in the County. A contact page has been provided to contact us and make available suggestions. A newsletter will be going out with ads and a forum to discuss various things you are interested in. This should be a big help in pulling the county together.

Currently, in this country we are at a cross roads. In many ways we have been let down by both political parties, especially the Democrat Party. Many will wonder why I would say that the Republican Party has let us down while I’m acting chairman. It’s for this reason, sometimes things get tainted they get away from their original narrative. If that narrative can’t be challenged or changed back on course….all’s lost. It ‘s like the old saying if you don’t have a conscience you’re lost. The same with political parties or groups that have the intend of doing a service or good. When there are those that will stand up and look everyone else in the face and say ‘you’re wrong we are going the wrong way’ there is hope. This is the Republican Party now and you are the conscience that will awaken the county and the nation as a whole….the Democrats have sold their souls.

One thing to remember, during the Revolutionary War one third of the people didn’t want to break away from England. One third didn’t care either way just give them their crumbs, leave them alone and everything was fine. The final third wanted freedom and it was those one third that made it happen and the other two thirds benefited. It’s that way now, one third is the number or 33%….it’s up to you but you have a good ally in our creator that gave us our rights…not any government. Keep that in mind and thank all of you for what you do. Working together we will get greater things done

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republicans


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