Are Women Really For Women?

Are Women Really for Women?

I wish I could say that
Republican women have been the news makers recently, but I cannot.  The Democrat presidential candidates, female
politicians, and “The Squad” are the news makers or more like noise makers.  Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Rashida Talib,
AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Maxine Walters, Nancy Pelosi, and Shelia
Jackson Lee all love to make “noise.”  They are all defiant voices of the communities
and districts that produced them.  They were purposely placed into their
positions to carry out their socialist anti-American agenda.   Their
hatred and disdain for President Trump far outweighs anything they ever do or
say to demonstrate they want to bring fairness and justice to America.  They are so afraid Donald Trump will win
re-election in 2020 that they are seeking to impeach him.

Sadly, there are women that
act just like the defiant female Democrat politicians in Washington.  Unfortunately, they love to act
disrespectfully to other women.  They
love to stir controversy and belittle people. 
When they run out of argument when someone challenges them, they turn to
trashing and slandering their family members.  
They are vicious and show no mercy. 
They are bullies.  There is
nothing lady like about these women.  They
display no manners, no ethics, and no consideration for anyone.  I guess these actions make them feel superior
and better about them self which is sad. Only weak-minded people act this
way.  This sounds way too familiar of the
female politicians in Washington.  I see
female Democrats doing and saying awful pathetic things on national tv all the
time.  I have come to expect it.  Just look at how they have mistreated and
disrespected First Lady Melania Trump.  However,
it truly bothers me when I see the same hatred and bitterness at a local level.

There are women that clearly
have made a stand that they resent the good works of Republican women trying to
make a difference.  There are women who
love to be in the center of controversy and belittle an adversary.  I expect such ugly behavior from Democrats
but certainly not Republicans.  When a
woman cannot interact with another woman in a civilized and respectful manner,
that woman has a serious problem.  Often,
when a female is critical of other women that female clearly lacks self-confidence.  Strong women won’t put down other women;
instead they lift them up.  Any informed
and knowledgeable woman knows and understands that people are different on many
levels.  Values and perspectives will differ.
 We don’t have to agree but we should
respect the individual.  Instead of
constantly complaining, finding fault, and sticking a nose where it doesn’t
belong, women should get out and help the party.  If a person doesn’t intend to help the cause,
the least they can do is not hurt it. 
But we all know those miserable people only want to annihilate and
create division. 

With so much at stake in 2020,
a true Republican woman will treat other women and all people with
respect.  A true Republican woman will
relish in the successes of other women. 
A true Republican woman will become engaged to help ensure Republicans
wins seats in 2020.  Republican women
need to join forces and seek to gain the majority in Columbus County.  Have you met the Democratic women leaders of
our county?  That alone should be
incentive to get start a movement.

The focus for Republican women
should be on one goal for 2020, to re-elect President Donald Trump, to elect a
Republican governor for our state, and to elect as many conservative Republicans
as possible.   We will not accept anything else and naysayers
and whiners will not stop us.

Let’s get moving ladies.

Martha Stevens, Chairperson

Columbus County Republican Women