A Response to an Article

A Response to an Article

Mr. Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party

Dear Mr. Hinson:

I am an 87 year old white male originally from Pennsylvania but a Whiteville resident since 1972 and have lived in the South for 62 years.  I have been a member of Whiteville United Methodist Church since 1972.

When I read your diatribe of July 13th I could not believe my eyes.  On what occasion have you ever seen or heard of people “clap and cheer at killing babies after birth?”  Did you take the time to determine that “people from communist countries should be able to walk across our borders and demand free stuff” is impossible because the U. S. Government does not offer benefits of any kind to undocumented aliens?  Who ever heard of Democrats shunning and spitting on anyone?  Has there ever been a case of a transsexual male turned female who ever molested any little girl in a bathroom?  If you thought this situation through, you would determine how ridiculous this scenario is.  Why would a person, born with male genitalia but feeling like a female going through an operation to change his sex to female, want to molest little girls?

I never graduated from college and do not read that many books; consequently, I get most of my “factual” information from the internet.  If you do not believe what appears on Google, then I am wasting my time writing this letter.  But, in most situations, the past has some relevance to determine the best course for the future.  If you believe this and you believe the information in Google, then let me give you a history lesson:

  1. In an article appearing on Google entitled “The best US presidents, as ranked by presidential historians” the highest ranked president was Lincoln followed by Washington and then Franklin Roosevelt. In 12th place was Barrack Obama.  Bill Clinton (the last president to balance the budget) ranked 15th.  George W. Bush ranked 33rd.  The two Republicans who are my favorites, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were ranked 4th and 5th respectfully.
  2. If you will investigate “ US Unemployment Rate by Year” you will be surprised to learn that the U. E. rate dropped from 9.1% to 4.7% while Barack Obama served.
  3. The greatest increase in the percentage of deficit (186%) occurred while Ronald Reagan (and his “trickle down” philosophy) was president.  The second greatest increase in the percentage of deficit occurred under George W. Bush’s watch.  Barack Obama, who receives scathing reviews from your Party, increased the National debt by 68% despite taking over from “W” at a time when our economy was beset by the 2nd worst recession in history.
  4. Both the “Great Depression of 1929” and the “Great Recession of 2008” occurred on Republicans’ watch.  Both were caused to some degree by the deregulation of the Banking System.  It took two of our better Democratic Presidents (F. D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama) to bail the country out.
  5. Despite all the hoopla over the low unemployment numbers, Google reports that, since 1944, the increase in private sector jobs has averaged 3% under Democratic presidents, 1% under Republican presidents.  This number does not include the Trump Administration.
  6. In 2005 , while “W” was president, the rate of foreclosure on residences was a very low .46%.  By the time he had left office it had risen to 1.84%, an increase of 400%.  By the end of Obama’s stay in office, it was down to .70%.

Now, let’s address the subject of Accomplishments.  These will be listed in order of years:

  1. During Woodrow Wilson’s term the Constitution was amended to allow women to vote.
  2. Ended the Great Depression under F. D. Roosevelt.
  3. Created Social Security under F. D. Roosevelt.
  4. In 1944, under F. D. Roosevelt, the G.I. Bill was created.
  5. In 1945, under F. D. Roosevelt, United Nations was created.
  6. Under Harry Truman the Marshall Plan was established.
  7. Under Harry Truman NATO was established and lasted for over 60 years until the present administration pulled out.
  8. Under Harry Truman the U.S. armed forces was integrated.
  9. Under Harry Truman the Clean Water Act was passed.
  10. During J. F. Kennedy’s term the U. S. put a man on the moon.
  11. During J. F. Kennedy’s term the Peace Corps was created.
  12. Under Lyndon Johnson the Civil Rights Act was passed.
  13. Under Lyndon Johnson the Voting Rights Act was passed.
  14. Under Lyndon Johnson Medicare was passed.
  15. In 1965, under Lyndon Johnson, Medicaid was passed.
  16. During his term Bill Clinton balanced the budget.
  17. During Barack Obama’s term “The Affordable Care Act” was passed.

As a Republican, you may not agree that the list of accomplishments are actually accomplishments because so many of them were enacted to help the poor, the minorities and the women.  These subjects do not concern Republicans.  What does concern Republicans are: low taxes, corporate profit, protection of taxes for those of wealth, suppression of minorities, promoting any legislation that will benefit their donors (such as the NRA) and restriction of aliens.  They have no concern regarding global warming, the problems of unwed motherhood, the astronomic deficit, or the health and survival of those living on the margin.  The position which the Republican Party assumes regarding Roe v. Wade is a mystery to me, since fewer abortions would certainly result in higher incidents of welfare claims.

In 2016 the Republican Party nominated Donald J. Trump to be candidate for President.  Even though he insulted many (including John McCain, Ted Cruz, Meryl Streep, etc., etc., etc.) and even as he demonstrated that he was a liar (referring to a newspaper columnist, he proclaimed “I’ve never met that man” and then continued by imitating the man who had Cerebral Palsy) and even though he was a womanizer, and even though he was dishonest in his business dealings, and even though he refused to disclose his income tax records, and even though he expressed an admiration of Vladimir Putin, he was elected.  His personal attorney, Michael Cohen, under oath, called him  a racist, a cheat, and a liar among other things.  There is little doubt that he is a criminal based on the assertion that he has obstructed justice (a felony).  Since he has been in Office, it is alleged that he has lied over 10,000 times.  The one word that is always associated with the name of Trump is narcissism.  He demonstrated his racism while being briefed on television regarding the demonstration in Virginia when he said that “there are good people on both sides”.

Since coming to office, Trump has maligned the press, the justice system, immigrants and minorities among others.  This is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler in the early thirties. You Republicans need to be careful about what you wish.

Very Sincerely,

Richard E. Simms