What Has Changed? Why the Animosity

What Has Changed? Why the Animosity

Why politics are so vicious now, and who’s at fault.

Politics Has Always Been A Blood Sport But Now It’s Grown Exponentially

Politics is a dirty business, it always has been but every since the Obama Administration it has gotten worse. Both parties can take some blame but if I had to give a percentage I would say the Democrats about 90% and the Republicans about 10%. Even in saying that it has gone now beyond the ‘how much of a tax increase’ to adding 87,000 IRS agents, basically an army, to be dispersed across the 52 states roughly 1,673 agents per state and I’m not sure if any goes to our territories and really with that many it’s insignificant. All these agents for they say the billionaires while there are only about 1000 billionaires in the United States. I use this for an example to a much broader issue or issues.

You hear me harp a lot on the Democrat Party and I’m Republican. Two opposing parties in this country, one is for big government the other for less government. There may be a handful of northeastern Republicans and one here and there in the north west that tend to lean that way but that’s individuals. Platforms define the party, and elections get rid of the bad ones. Hopefully, the majority of the people will vote for ‘your’ platform. Up to the Obama era there was no animosity but he succeeded in creating racial tensions in the country. The door was opened up to the eccentric and religion was demonized. He said at one time that and I paraphrase ‘the US is no longer a christian country’ and while ISIS was beheading christians in the middle east he was talking of the cruelty of christians all the while christian missionaries were all over the world fighting disease while being harassed by thugs. Our schools have been gutted and turned into political cess pools for unions and testing grounds for social engineering instead of institutions of learning, teaching our young to be a sound member of society. Then, there is the justice system as we have witnessed when President Trump got elected a weapon to be used by a corrupt Democrat congress as they let their friends avoid prosecution or investigation while putting a congressman in shackles at an airport for not meeting a congressional subpoena. Eric Holder the AG for Obama never went to congress for his subpoena and never provided the information required but the FBI didn’t pick him up. I ask you, is that fair in a country of laws? When there are those that can pick and choose is that justice? I think not. If they can raid a previous president’s home what can they do to you? Please do not think you are exempt, because you are not. The first and second amendment are under attack while many Democrat controlled areas are defunding the police while they are trying to take away your right to self defense, and remember the 87,000 new IRS police, we know where this is going. How about a ‘national police force’ that Obama had mentioned prior.

What I am saying is this pure and simple, things have changed dramatically in the past 15 years to round it off. The Democrat Party has turned into an evil entity and many that are members do not know that because they think they are on the moral high ground. To them the end justifies the means. In the United States our constitution is the law, it protects everyone and everyone or group that has a beef with this government despite any issues in the past that document has protected them. The Democrat Party has created hate between race, ethnicity, religion and created class warfare and no one can say the Republican Party had anything to do with that. They have demonized people and groups, many Democrat run companies have shunned certain people with political or philosophical beliefs and our first amendment rights are gradually being taken away. Biden tried to with his own ‘fact checkers’ by a ‘Disinformation Board’ that failed. Democrats now are the party of big business. This is marxism at it’s finest, Democrat Party is like calling a Bengal Tiger a kitty cat. They love to play with words and they all use the same words and phrases, every Democrat politician and all the ABC networks read off the same fax.

I want people in Columbus County to understand especially the one’s registered Democrat I’m not demonizing you. I wish you would change parties even if you vote with us, it makes the party stronger and we get more help from state and national sources. Columbus County is a good county with good people. When I say ‘Democrats’ I am referring to the Party…the top dogs that set the platform and thugs that run the party that tell their candidates and elected officials what to say and do. Don’t say it don’t happen it does and it will. It will happen here in Columbus County. I am vocal because I want the best for the county as the party does. I want your children and grand children to go to good schools that are safe. I want you and your children to have good paying jobs to own homes and live the American dream. We want our courts to be fair and want you to enjoy all the benefits our creator gave us, not the Democrats. We want you to be free and happy. If I’ve ever offended anyone my apologies I know many people registered Democrat and they are good people and I have some great friends even a few family members registered that way. My anger is directed to those that would take the things we all cherish away from us and I assure you your elected officials in this county that are Republican feel the same way. I wish you all the best but we are in dangerous and serious times. We have to win, even David had to pick up a rock. When a Democrat wins an election in this day and time, the party controls them, look across our state and nation it is no secret, this is why I harp and rave. The Democrat leaders don’t negotiate and are not to be trusted this is based on facts from the past.

Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party


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